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View from my office.


Well-known member
Since I retired from the "real" job, I had a part-time contract job, training new personnel, but it was so sporadic that it was actually more of a hindrance than worthwhile. But it did let me maintain contact with my former colleagues, and now that the contract job has ended, I miss that part of it.

But, things change, and my new job has a lot better view. A buddy of mine who is a registered land surveyor needed some help, and as I love the outdoors, the sun, and the fresh air, of course I said yes. If it's sunny, we work; if it's rainy we don't. Sometimes the terrain is flat, and sometimes it's straight up and down, but it's different every day.


Big Treble

Active member
Wow, that would be nice, for sure. I travel for work myself and being able to see the outdoors is definitely a plus.

Im not ready to retire yet, but my wife and I are seriously looking to re locate, and East Tennessee is high on our list. Fortunately, I would be able to transfer (my work) so I'm sorry, but you may be finding less relics in the future, 😂


Well-known member
Beautiful scenery. Used to camp in the Smoky mountains. The first time we camped there, we noticed that everyone had tarps covering everything. I thought perhaps, there was an incoming storm, or it was just extra protection. NO, it wasn't that at all. The next morning, we found out what the tarps were for. TREE SAP covered everything, sticky nasty stuff that was impossible to remove. Had to go to an auto parts store to purchase sap remover just to be able to see out of the wind shield. Still have the sappy tent, and I would probably have trouble setting it up, as it is probably still stuck together, LOL.


Well-known member
Thanks, all, for the kind words and comments. Bulletman, in the park campsites today campers have to follow strict rules regarding food left unattended or out in the open, because of the bears. A friend of mine runs a business less than a quarter mile from the park entrance, and you would not believe the stories he hears from tourists who think it's perfectly ok to walk up to bears. During a drought, one tourist asked him when the park turned on the water in the streams.

Big Treble, lots of people from the West and North are coming to East Tennessee to retire, but I fear they will bring their politics with them, and undermine the economical foundation Tennessee has built over the last several years. We have no state income tax, but a high sales tax, which I approve of, because it doesn't tax income, it taxes spending. The state of Tennessee has a huge surplus in its budget. We have low property taxes, compared to states like New Jersey, New York, California, et al. Yes, we do without some social programs other, more expensive states have, but at the same time, that's the very reason they are seeing their citizens and corporations fleeing those states and coming here.

All that being said, I live in Blount County, about 20 minutes from the National Park, 10 minutes from the Airport, 10 minutes from the nearest hospital, and have a river running in my backyard. If you're serious about moving to ET, give Blount County a good look.


Staff member
A very nice set of shots Greg.. you are fortunate indeed to be able to get outside in the fresh air and sun.. And to be able

to leave the stress of the old job behind..that is a joy in itself

One day my friend, I would love to be able to do a dive with you..God willing, I hope to be able to make that happen

Fair winds



Well-known member
My shots were taken with my iPhone. I have a decent camera and various lenses, but I never seem to get the time to use them. It's amazing what a camera in a telephone can do, though.

Mikie, It would be my honor. If you get down this way, or I can make it up there, we will make it happen.