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What do De Blasio and Gretchen Whitmer have in common?


Well-known member
I'll let you decide. :drinking:

" MAYOR [Dictator] Bill de Blasio said anyone who tries to swim at an NYC beach will be removed from the water if they defy his coronavirus rules. "

I didn't know the C-virus was aquatic in nature. :blink:

He says, no lifeguards, no one in the water.

I would think swimming would be one of the best ways to get exercise while at the same time observing social distancing protocols.

No need for lifeguards--just notify people they will be swimming at their own risk.



Well-known member
These dumasses , dimotwit power hungry commies have lost their minds ,,, they have totally forgotten that the people have voted for these people to work for us ,, we have entrusted them to wisely spend our tax dollars to better our communities , and to do the will of the people ,,,, but somewhere along the lines , they seem to think they are our " Rulers " ,,,, that's what these protest's are for ,, to show them they are not Prison Wardens ,, and we are not their Prisoners . But somehow ,, this message has got to get passed along to them . Because they have lost their damned minds .


Well-known member
Correction--she's even dumber and more dangerous than he is:

After he killed a few thousand people in nursing homes, he corrected his mistake. She extended hers:

" Whitmer, by contrast, renewed her initial order when it expired last week, extending it with an identical mandate — disregarding the concerns and advice of nursing home advocates and legislators. These were areas that we immediately brought to the attention of the state and said you shouldn’t be implementing this in this manner,” Melissa Samuel, president of the Health Care Association of Michigan, has told us. "



Well-known member
They are both commie basTURDS, to answer your question. They could care less about the American economy and fully endorse the leftist socialist agenda. Without regard to business closures that will not come back, and these businesses employed lots of people across this great nation. If we had Hitlery in office, this nation would resemble a post apocalyptic landscape not unlike a "Mad Max" movie. Thank God, Trump won the election. Now onto November. Will he be reelected with the fraudulent voting system being implemented all across this country?


Well-known member
The dimotwits want the virus to stay,, that way they can keep the people locked down ,even tho there is plenty of doctors saying that is not needed ,, so that the economy will stay in the gutter ,, they do not care , because they are getting their paycheck , they have nothing to fear ,, Now they want mail in voting , because of the virus ,, that way they will have a chance to win this election ,, that is their only chance . I have your same fears Bulletman ,,, there is no way Trump could lose this election , without the fraudulent votes , and they know it .