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Will Biden get away with this laughable racism?


Well-known member
Crazy, Creepy Joe can get away with Racism, just no one else......He's special you know. How very far the Democratic party has changed and shifted just in my lifetime. From JFK's speech challenging Americans to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." To what we have today. Socialist Democrats who like a cancer, eat and tirelessly work at undermining and totally Destroying our Country and our Constitution. There is no understanding their rantings. To understand this would be to be one of them, and I am Proud to say that I Am NOT one of them. I am a Proud American. :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag: :usaflag:


Staff member
Will Biden get away with this laughable racism?

Short answer....Yes.

jim tn

Well-known member
Its remarks like that why his handlers don't let him out of his box very often. He simply isn't one to engage his brain before talking. He will get some flak but being a demorat he will get by with it. HH jim tn


Well-known member
He is running as a democrat. There could be videos of him sexually assaulting a young lady and the Democrats would tell you it did not happem and vote for him. they had no problem with Bill Clinton raping a woman.


Well-known member
More or less what stacey abrams people said when she was running for office recently, You're RACIST if you dont vote for her. Yup, Guess im a racist then.
Me too Quake. Are you from Georgia? I'm referring to the Georgia Governors Race. I didn't vote for her either. She was all about the Total Socialist Democrat Blasphemy. She was for making our state of Georgia a Total Sanctuary State. Thank the Good Lord Brian Kemp won the Governorship and I believe he's doing a good job.