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You know the majority of Democrats are law abiding, hard working people. But they cheer on this lawlessness and hatedrid,


Well-known member
They watch the burning and looting and secertly , say "Yeah give it to the man" Many living in areas that arn't affected by this carnage. I got to warn you, when your heros come to your street your gonna piss yourself. Deep down you know a Mob unleashed is like a fire . It consumes itself and all who supports it. This is a great country, and many of theses causes are just, But there rabid dogs taking over your ideas. The ones on TV suggesting condoning this lawlessness are not your friends. They will be living it up on high when the Mob comes to your town. Imagion right now they are sleeping on silk sheets, and being served their meals, while others are sifting threw ashes looking for whats left of their lives. Many of these people many of whom are Democrats are being burnt out maybe worse. Your and our friends ! There's a way for change and it's at the election box. Forget what you thing of Trump, you got to stop feeding the fire. Country first, your neighborhood , your friends and family. Do whats right.


Well-known member
The same can apply with the so called "peaceful Islamists". The peaceful Muslims never voice any opposition to terrorists acts within America, nor any other country where they have migrated to. That lack of opposition only confirms that they support the hatred and killings of Jews and Christians. Pretty darned simple that they despise the American citizens and what this country stands for. Sadly, their disdain for us has rubbed off onto many (Colin Kaeperdick). If one despises this country so much, then get the hell out. We don't want you here literally destroying, burning, and murdering people for your sick cause.


Well-known member
Do I know the majority of Dems are law-abiding?


I’ve always believed that Muslims in this country are peace loving people, abiding. by the spiritual doctrine of their prophet.


That belief is belied by the fact that they don’t vocally dissent to Islamic terrorism.

I’m still waiting to hear a single Dem politician call out the anarchists for what they are.

I’ve also noted that the resident Trolls on this forum haven’t made a peep. From them, we hear..........


Thus I will continue to maintain the belief that people who remain silent when their allies commit atrocities condone those atrocities.