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  1. C

    Why, I Will Never Get Rid Of My SE Pro

    What is your usual coil to use with your Explorer?
  2. C

    A few pics of my chopped Explorer 2's

    What a great idea to chest mount the Explorer! Also the custom battery pack is brilliant. Kudos
  3. C

    Lifespan of the Minelab Explorer XS?

    I have 2 Explorer XS, both made around 2002 I think. One has seen heavy use and the other one very little use. The heavily used one is dead (no power up). The lightly used one was working fine until finally now it powers up, sort of, but then shuts off immediately. I thought it was a...
  4. C

    Does BLM still issue paper maps?

    I was poking around online and did not successfully determine whether BLM stills sells the paper quadrant maps. They were orangish yellow and years ago I had a bunch of them. They had a super useful level of detail of which land exactly was public. Are they still being issued or has BLM gone to...
  5. C

    Need button ID

    Can anybody tell me anything about this button I dug? The area has been a city park for 150+ years. Thanks
  6. C

    need help identifying Tesoro coil

    Some years ago I was trying out different detectors like crazy and accumulated quite a bit of gear. Well memory now fails me as to whether this Tesoro coil goes with my Tejon or Eldorado. I never even used the coil other than to test it indoors. Now I'm looking to sell it but first I'd better...
  7. C

    question on older White's coil compatibility

    I've got a couple of older White's coils sitting around that operate at their standard 6.59kHz. However, I am not sure if they fit the modern White's machines with the nylon screw. If I remember correctly the nylon screws are larger in diameter than the old brass screw setup. Is there a...
  8. C

    How does the Coin$trike compare?

    I have a Coinstrike I have not used in a while but am thinking about getting it out again for relief from the monotony of my Explorer. When I did use the C$ a few years ago I was very impressed with performance in trash and depth but didn't like the audio. I notice these days nobody seems to...
  9. C

    White's GMT opinion

    I've never had a gold detector before but I've used many a coin machine. I have an offer to sell me a White's GMT. I'd like to get opinions on the machine from anybody who has actually used one. I know it's no $3000 Minelab, but how does it compare with a Lobo SuperTraq, Goldstrike or...
  10. C

    looking for New Mexico prospecting buddy

    I am going to be in New Mexico around Easter for a couple weeks. I'm going to prospect some BLM lands and National Forest lands. I have done some research and have some detailed maps of gold-bearing areas and ghost towns. A couple general areas I'm thinking of are somewhere in the Silver...
  11. C

    How the heck did this turn up in a Milwaukee, WI park??

    I've spent years coinshooting Milwaukee, WI parks and surprises definitely do happen from time to time! This turned up just 3 inches deep in turf where that depth generally means it was dropped within 25 years or so. It looks like a Civil War era bullet to me, though the location seems to be...