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Recent content by Flintstone

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    XP 3.2 or 4.1

    No one knows if you can go back to 3.2 down load after you go up to 4.2???
  2. F

    XP 3.2 or 4.1

    Hi dose anyone know i could find the 3.2 down load. On XP web it will not come up , looks like you can.t go back. When i got my XP, it had the 3.2 with the low coils. i up greaded to 4.1 but like 3.2 better. If anyone has 3.2 saved on there lap top or comp. could you send it to me. Thanks...
  3. F

    bundle of keys & madalions Old ones

    I find alot of keys, car keys, house keys, make me think how did this person get home and how did they get in once there. I have locked myself out of car and house before and that is bad, could go to jail for trying to get in a window.
  4. F

    Georgia Gold Rush abandoned mining towns

    Thanks for the reply, i would hate to drive all the way down there and not be able to find a place. if you go hope you good luck, let me know how you do. dean
  5. F

    Georgia Gold Rush abandoned mining towns

    Hi silverboy, is there any open land around Dahlonega that can be detected on or do you know people there? I live in KY. and would love to go down and gold prospect there.
  6. F

    Are we doing this backwards?

    If yo found a 20.00 bill in the parking lot who lost it, not the store, if you go in and ask if anyone lost a 20.00 , everyone in there will say they did. If i see someone drop it i know who's it is.
  7. F

    Anyone still swinging the old Detectorpro units?

    i love the old detectors, but will be 70 years old in Nov. i think i am going to find something lighter. I have a Eagle 11 sl, a XLT, A 5900, a 6000 id pro, all of these are very good detectors but need to be a young man to hunt with them long. When i sell one or two i will get a Deus, i think.
  8. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    Tony, If i don't hear from you in a day or so , i am going to list it else were. Detector two coils hard case, papers where i sent it to Garretts and had it checked out. Mail to you for
  9. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    I need your email, can,t post it here i didn't put it for sale here.
  10. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    Hi post office said it will be about 30.00, If you will send me your email i will get pic. to you. Sorry i am
  11. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    Hi tony, i need your zip code to see what shipping will be.
  12. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    Anyone else looking for one? Good deal on it.
  13. F

    garrett master hunter 7

    Hi tony, i have a very nice one with hard case. Back few years ago i sent it to Garretts, and had it all gone over. I used it one time after i got it back to make sure it was working good, put it in the case and have not taken it out. I can send you pic. to your email if you want to send it to...
  14. F

    Whites TRX

    just seen where a Whites TRX pinpointer sold for $254.00 on the big E. If garretts don't start making them soon, someone will. Best pin pointer ever made.
  15. F

    A question about Lower Arkansas River

    93, If you have alot of sand, dig down till you hit bigger rocks. The small gold will go down through the sand and stop at clay or bigger rocks, you might find some in sand after flood, but don't take long for it to sink.