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Recent content by fongu

  1. F

    went to the river

    I went to the river and didn't get out past the top of my rubber boots and found 3 clad coins. wore me out, but enjoyed it. river is down due to so much rain and worried about flooding. Hope to get my wetsuit wet soon and get out where I anticipate finding something worth posting about. HH.
  2. F

    did some dirt fishing

    I got almost an hour of dirt fishing the other day and found just 25 cents in clad, but it really helped my feelings to get out. First time I could kneel on my knee that was repaired last year and it felt better. Hope to hit the water soon if I can get someone to watch my mother and brother...
  3. F

    cherrypicking and met a new at/pro user yesterday.

    I've gone out cherry picking and found a few clad coins and some type of little toy I believe. only digging shallow targets since I can't squat or kneel down and popping them out with my probe or screwdriver. 28 minutes at the park and found 7 coins, 14 minutes in front of the post office and...
  4. F

    I pulled a dumb stunt yesterday and really got wet

    I've been chomping at the bit to do some water detecting, but had a problem with my left knee and finally saw my doctor Monday and got a steroid shot and hit the water Tuesday for almost 2 hours. Found some coins and found out my less than a year old waders were cracked all over and I got super...
  5. F

    we survived the hurricane

    We survived the hurricane at our local church and I had some roof damage and trees down and tree fell across my mother's fence, but we came thru this storm scared, but without a scratch. Had to throw all our food away at both houses due to no electricity, but thankful to be okay. Praying all...
  6. F

    Sidetracked by Shingles

    Got diagnosed yesterday with the shingles and it is a very painful condition in our heat in Georgia and it is in the worst place possible and starting to have a few sores come up my back and down one leg. Completely covers my right hip and groin area and no metal detecting for awhile for me...
  7. F

    photos from older post

    I posted awhile back that I received a 1943 war nickel in my change and a 1950 wheat penny and just couldn't seem to find time to take the photos and resize them for posting. Better late than ever. Definitely have to click on the photos to see them better. [attachment 356800...
  8. F

    One word can make a difference

    I was doing some research at the library and reading old newspapers from 1894 and found one word that made a difference in my research that was significant. This particular spot was a major attraction in the early 1900's with fiddling contests, sings, 4th of July celebrations and other...
  9. F

    30 minute hunt

    I've been trying to get out for about 30 minutes at the time and met another detector last Friday. We introduced ourselves and exchanged information and he told me his buddy also detects in the water. Found about 66 cents in clad that day, but glad I met someone in our hobby. Hoping to get a...
  10. F

    little detecting saturday

    Finally got to do some detecting Saturday and found 60 cents in clad and bitter cold wind a blowing and got a 1943 war nickel and 1950 wheat penny in my change from the store. Hope to get out again this week if just for an hour. HH
  11. F

    slow grid finds first gold of the year

    I was blessed to be able to hit the river last Wednesday and I always want to rush since I don't have much time. Forced myself to do a slow grid and found these items. The 10K cross is BJM or Boston Jewelry Manufacturing, four bladed knife with 1 broken blade and first serviceable knife I've...
  12. F

    short river trip

    I got lucky and spent almost 2 hours at the river yesterday. Found 2 - 4oz lead weights, pocket knife, stainless steel ring, 3 nickels, 4 pennies and 1 quarter and a small 10K gold cross. Will post photos next week as I've ran out of time at the library.
  13. F

    short trip to the river

    Made a short trip to the river and found this cross and 1.41 in clad. Hope to get back again next week. HH. Photos before and after mediocre cleaning attempt. 92.5 sterling silver .
  14. F

    Merry Christmas everybody

    Just wanted to wish all of the members and friends here a safe and Merry Christmas. Library closes this evening until Monday and wish all of you the best Christmas you can have.
  15. F

    1 ring and small change

    Finally got out to the river a week or two ago and stayed two hours. First trip since July and found some change, a lure and 18K white gold wedding band. Came in at 70 on the at/Pro. River is lower than normal due to our extended drought, but haven't been able to get back. 1.45 gram wedding...