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Recent content by HanoverDigger

  1. HanoverDigger

    Ground cancel

    Good to see different opinions on ground balance. I've been doing it for so long I guess it won't hurt one way or the other on the 800. Thanks.
  2. HanoverDigger

    Ground cancel

    I meant noise cancel, sorry for the confusion. Another guy says it's a good idea to ground balance too. I tend to agree with that.
  3. HanoverDigger

    Ground cancel

    I've been watching videos on the setup. One particular guy says he sets up the machine first THEN ground cancels. I'll go along with the manual. What's y'all's thoughts? Thanks.
  4. HanoverDigger

    Green Mountain Metal Detecting

    If you can get permission, I say go for it! I've been relic hunting my same sites for over 25 years. There's ALWAYS something good missed. Good luck!
  5. HanoverDigger

    Prayers for Richard Robinson and wife

    Hope all goes well with both! I have done many deals with Richard. Recently got the Equinox from him. Stand up guy for sure.
  6. HanoverDigger

    Is the equinox update worth it??

    I just did the update. Don't know if I'll use it just yet, but it's good to have, in my opinion, an extra "tool" for questionable targets. I always run across these and sometimes will let them go, and off to the next signal. Maybe it'll help, maybe not. Good luck hunting and keep us posted on...
  7. HanoverDigger

    Climbed aboard the Equinox 800 train.

    maybe diehard back in my younger days!! Yeah that Nautilus has been one good detector over the years. Started out with the Nautilus LF green box, big loop of a handle. More than half my collection came from the Nautilus detectors. I'm liking these new fangled detectors
  8. HanoverDigger

    Climbed aboard the Equinox 800 train.

    Only one other...the Nautilus 2b. Which is still in use.
  9. HanoverDigger

    Climbed aboard the Equinox 800 train.

    Now all I need is to get out to my favorite stops and get to digging! Thanks for looking.
  10. HanoverDigger

    At Max coil question

    Thanks...I thought I had read this somewhere but wanted to make sure. Good luck hunting.
  11. HanoverDigger

    At Max coil question

    Been a while since I've detected with the Max. I'm getting the Ultimate 13 coil soon to use in a beat up spot. Is a factory reset necessary when changing coils? Thanks
  12. HanoverDigger

    Where to send whites mxt in for repair

    Bob Buttafuso Centreville Electronics 9437 Main St, Manassas, Va. 20110 703-367-7999. He was a Whites dealer and does repair work on their detectors. Good luck
  13. HanoverDigger

    Who rides Motorcycles ????

    2002 Sportster
  14. HanoverDigger

    Why detect open fields/forests?

    90% of my hunting is in the woods and probably 90% of my coins finds are in the woods. For whatever reasons, the coins are there, I don't really give it that much though. It is what it is. I found a total of 12 Indian Head cents 1864-1902 in a 10 ft. square area. 5 mercs in a different spot, a...