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Recent content by HanoverDigger

  1. HanoverDigger

    Does anyone know a repair service for Blisstool?

    You may try the main service Bulgaria or talk with Kellyco. It's what I've been able to find out. Good luck.
  2. HanoverDigger

    Garrett MS2 stereo headphones compatible with the Nautilus 2b?

    *UPDATE* The headphones arrived this morning all packaged up real nice. They work great on the Nautilus. Just what I was looking for. Thanks again Garrett!
  3. HanoverDigger

    What are friends for

    Awesome find! Ain't that the way it goes though? Don't worry... you'll get him good when you go to his spot!
  4. HanoverDigger

    Garrett MS2 stereo headphones compatible with the Nautilus 2b?

    Just got through exchanging emails with customer service at Garrett...great news... they found a discontinued set of headphones that will work for me. They're gonna send them to me for free! Totally unexpected! Can't get any better than that! Great customer service! Thanks Garrett!
  5. HanoverDigger

    Garrett MS2 stereo headphones compatible with the Nautilus 2b?

    Garrett says they are mono but wired for stereo. They allow for a single volume control but are not able to give completely different sounds in each ear. So I guess that answers my question...not being compatible with the 2b.
  6. HanoverDigger

    Garrett MS2 stereo headphones compatible with the Nautilus 2b?

    I bought these about a year ago for the 2b and there is no high tone, which is good signal for the 2b...just a low tone in both earcups. I can pass a good target over the coil and only get a low tone. I have the Deteknix wireless headphones that has a cable that hooks into the 2b and they work...
  7. HanoverDigger

    Just ordered my XP Deus

    Start out with the presets until you feel confident enough for some tweaking...numerous videos on YouTube from Gary B to watch also. Also keep your eye on this forum for some good tips. Lots of experience on here. Good luck!
  8. HanoverDigger

    What's your favorite all around Garrett

    Well...I've owned only one Garrett, so I would have to say the At Max.
  9. HanoverDigger

    How Deep Do We Have To Really Go

    In my area, depth is everything! Not too many shallow targets for civil war relics, although there is an exception to that in not so heavily hunted spots. In most of my spots, targets are well below the 8-10" range and some have been found deeper that 15". Deepest I've ever dug was about 4'...
  10. HanoverDigger

    Wireless Headphones on AT Max

    The At Max is a good detector and the wireless setup, I think, is great. It won me another wireless rig in Vaughn Garretts find of the month contest. I had that one plus the Equinox 600. Sold the 600 after taking it over some of the same ground/spots as the Max. The Max, in my opinion outdid the...
  11. HanoverDigger

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    I haven't messed with it.
  12. HanoverDigger


    Not me! Too dang hot. If this cool weather holds up for a while, I just may find myself down at the Seven Pines/Fair Oaks spot😉
  13. HanoverDigger

    We gotta a spammmer !!!!

    I got one this morning...wanted to show some nude pics. Reported it to Admin and left the conversation without reply.
  14. HanoverDigger

    New multi frequency machine

    And maybe a 15% military discount too!