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Recent content by IDB

  1. I

    The things ya see while detecting…..

    Amen that’s some good coffee 👍
  2. I

    Idea setting for smart plus

    Thankyou wasn’t trying to ignore you I can use all the advice I can get
  3. I

    Is this something new?

    Have I missed some new tech ?
  4. I

    Idea setting for smart plus

    Thank you I’ve been setting mine way to high . I’ll try those settings next time I go.
  5. I

    Idea setting for smart plus

    This is for the relic hunters. Where do you set your discrimination on the smart plus ?
  6. I

    Tick protection strategies

    I got some permethrin 13 % at a farm store for cows etc. Can I use it for ticks on my clothes if I can how much should I dilute it? It’s a liquid.Hope there’s some farmers out there who know.
  7. I

    Is this a cw item

    I found this on line it looks like they used them on mules in the war
  8. I

    Making my own bottle probe what to use?

    Thank you those ideas will get me started on one
  9. I

    Making my own bottle probe what to use?

    The store bought ones cost to much for my budget . Any ideas on a homemade one . I’ve found lots of bottles eyeballing them but have never probed for them. My son bought a 1880’s home I know there hast to be some there.
  10. I

    Is this a cw item

    Thank you I didn’t think it was but wanted to be sure.
  11. I

    Bottle probe?

    What is best rod to make a bottle probe with ? Store bought are just too much money for me. Thank you
  12. I

    Is this a cw item

    I’ve had this for years . Is it c w period ?
  13. I

    What is it?

    I thought that too but holes are made to be used from front putting the hose looking thing on back plus it’s only 1 1/4” deep
  14. I

    What is it?

    I eye balled this years ago in a field after house was tore down. Must have been in a shed it was not rusted badly.My first idea was a part of wagon.Let me know what you think . It’s 61/2” tall 51/2”wide the part on back is 2” tall by 1 1/4” wide
  15. I

    Down under

    I’ll be sure to tell her that😬