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Recent content by IDB

  1. I

    What is it?

    I thought that too but holes are made to be used from front putting the hose looking thing on back plus it’s only 1 1/4” deep
  2. I

    What is it?

    I eye balled this years ago in a field after house was tore down. Must have been in a shed it was not rusted badly.My first idea was a part of wagon.Let me know what you think . It’s 61/2” tall 51/2”wide the part on back is 2” tall by 1 1/4” wide
  3. I

    Down under

    I’ll be sure to tell her that😬
  4. I

    Mini Square?

    Had a neighbor that gave me this one when I was a kid. I used it thur high school always wondered what went in that slot now I know. They were used in CW I found this hinge part in a camp near Richmond .
  5. I

    Down under

    These finds are not today’s finds almost a month ago. My son and his wife bought a very nice 1880s Victorian home I have permission to hunt but my daughter in law is not crazy about me digging in front yard . The house has one of those front porches you can almost standup under it has a lattice...
  6. I

    Indian tool or not?

    Thank you that is nice to know that it’s a tool now I can display it with pride😜
  7. I

    Indian tool or not?

    Found this in a field near Richmond years ago always wondered if it is a tool . Hope someone can help. It’s 4 1/2 “long 4” wide at top 3/4” thick .
  8. I

    Becareful deer ticks to the max

    Don’t forget the lone star tick the one you get alphagal from One got me a couple of years ago not fun . Maybe a good thing with meat being so high.Going to get acupuncture they say it really works to get rid of it.
  9. I

    Bomb civil war

    I knew Sam we went to the same place in Richmond Wayne’s detector shop he was always at the civil war shows selling relics . I spoke to the guy who found him not a way to die . It shook the local relic hunters pretty bad . Most people unloaded shells remotely when drilling but Sam didn’t that...
  10. I

    Lone star tick

    It's been a while since I last posted the same reasons life work grandkids .Thought I'd pass along info about this tick .I've only been relic hunting twice this year and always take all the steps for ticks .I think I only found three or four ticks but it only takes one.In June I thought I'd...
  11. I

    Super six for smart plus

    Hey Richard ,remember me if you would you give me the price for the super six Irvin
  12. I

    Dodge brothers where does it go on car

    I can't remember if I found this or someone gave it to me , there are no attachment holes on back where did it go on car ? Is there any value to it? It's 2 1/4 across.
  13. I


    I know this has been covered many times but maybe one more time for a old man . Could I get some web sites for places to see and buy older va. maps. Thankyou ahead of time for your help
  14. I

    Does anyone remember book ends?

    Have you ever thought , what can I do with all the iron relics I find, they pile up quick. I found these axe heads by a old school they weren't 10 ft apart. Boy were they heavy but it was worth it to carry them out of woods.