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Recent content by jim tn

  1. J

    Gold age...

    Some nice recoveries, good going. HH jim tn
  2. J

    bought one of the Detech Arrow coils for my F75 LTD.

    Hey, Mike, curious as to how you like and do with that coil. HH jim tn
  3. J

    Unknown pendant piece

    Neat find and it does look silver. At first glance, the Virgin Mary and Jesus came to mind. HH jim tn
  4. J

    nice 925 ring today

    Nice hit! Hunting those big ole farm fields up your way seems like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Good job! You are located in Mn, are you not? Wife and I grew up in the Moorhead. HH jim tn
  5. J

    Got Ring #3 Yesterday And Ring #4 Today Plus A Silver Coin

    That's a good outing with a couple of silver pieces and a nice variety of other targets. HH jim tn
  6. J

    Vanquish vs Nox 600 or similar opinions

    I have a Simplex and a Nox 600 and while the Simplex is a fine detector at its price point, I find far more old, deep targets in heavy trash with my multi frequency Nox then I do with the Simplex, F 75 and A T Pro. With hundreds of hours on smf detectors and literally thousands on vlf's over my...
  7. J

    Anyone know this depth monster

    Not sure, cause the I d is all over the place. I d's a railroad tie, though, as iron. :rolleyes: HH jim tn
  8. J

    Researched then finally made the trip into the woods among the huge pine trees.

    A little slick research and bingo, "my oldest coin to date." Nice hit bud! HH jim tn
  9. J

    Testing the new 1.08 update on the legend

    Pretty good assumption I do believe, Ron! HH jim tn
  10. J

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    A great assortment of old targets, hit it early when its a bit cooler. I'm not big into relics, but have found a plate some years ago that looks like yours and mine was Civil War period I was told. And it was found on a period site. Nice patina on yours. HH jim tn
  11. J

    Nice Pile of Euro Coins from Malta Beach

    Nice batch of coins there, WTG! HH jim tn
  12. J

    Got My Second Ring Today And A lot Of Coins.....

    Nice haul there, John. Like the silver ring and you got a good slug of coins towards your annual gold coin. WTG! HH jim tn
  13. J


    Something rings a bell about 30 days, but that may be for selling on the classifieds forum? There is a list of rules around here someplace. :) HH jim tn
  14. J

    Legend to Nox

    If I was primarily hunting for jewelry I wouldn't hesitate to start off with the Simplex. Most silver jewelry will be up in the coin range, but you will find gold all over the scale. As has been mentioned in other forums, location is more important then the detector for finding jewelry. HH jim tn
  15. J

    A normal day

    I understand your recovering what and all you do. I don't use any disc. either, but do disc. with my ears. We are a little younger here then you over there. After 50 years of hunting I just recently got my first coin back into the 1700's. Have a great weekend. HH jim tn