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Recent content by kaolinwasher

  1. kaolinwasher

    Garrett pinpointer question

    I called Garrett, and I am going to get a new one , Hope the next one is normal and works , I wonder how many bad ones got thru
  2. kaolinwasher

    Garrett pinpointer question

    I have just a few days before i go back to work and detecting is over so basically its over , I think they must be subing out the manufacturing to china , and this is what happens
  3. kaolinwasher

    Garrett pinpointer question

    Ya I asked the lady rep, why not just test each one before you send it out , take a dime put it in mode 3 and see if it hits that dime at 2" if not fix it
  4. kaolinwasher

    Garrett pinpointer question

    just got a new garrett propointer AT and in its most sensitive setting i can only detect a dime at 3/4 inch is this what your pinpoiters gets as well
  5. kaolinwasher

    two silvers but was looking for Gold

    Yes jim i got the job , it has good benifits i start on the 17th and Odanscoils if you live up in minneapolis ya come along
  6. kaolinwasher

    two silvers but was looking for Gold

    Jimmy if and when i get out of my money problems i will send you more than a dime bro . Ya go to dig nails and unmask a silver it may work , when i say i did not expect this find I mean i was detecting in a woodchip playground and the dime was deep and next to a metal pole , my 9" coil is good...
  7. kaolinwasher

    Returned to the children's early 1900's play area....

    Next power outige get your aks ou to that spot , very rare to not see silver in your finds , you are going to be set in the corner as punishment,
  8. kaolinwasher

    two silvers but was looking for Gold

    Today on the way to the bank, I had to make a deposit because my pin pointer broke, so I need a new one so I stopped to look for Gold and instead found two silvers, the merc suprized me because i was not looking for silver , I had dug 17 dimes and one was silver and also found a nice sterling...
  9. kaolinwasher

    Overlooked children's play area at a park formed in the early 1900's.

    Holy crap jimmy , thats some good finds
  10. kaolinwasher

    14 k gold slaw

    yes this is now the 5th gold this year and one silver ring, if I find out i got the job I applyed for ,then detecting will be on the back burner,
  11. kaolinwasher

    14 k gold slaw

    Well the other detectors only left me a few coins, but no one was digging the tabs and the junk foils and can slaw, or zinc pennys so I had my XP -ORX in coin deep 17.2khz 70gain and 2 on recovery speed, digging all tabs and junk foils and i got a very low number 48-49 wich can be gatorade...
  12. kaolinwasher

    How much junk are you willing to dig to find gold ????

    I dig all the foils from 45up to the silver range I am well under 1000 tabs per ring and have found 4 gold rings this year and one silver and I am not beach hunting the ring i found this moring gave a perfect tab number on my ORX of a 65 an 18k signet ring
  13. kaolinwasher

    18k signet ring & a silver pendant

    found a nice old signet ring 18k I have only a side shot ,only the owner will know what is engraved on the top, and inside of the ring I will be making an attempt to find who owns this ring, I was using my ORX detector, in coin fast,17.2khz, and a 2 recovery speed and gain turned down to 80 ,it...
  14. kaolinwasher

    Silver-Gold-Platinum Day.

    cool , I bet alot of people went swimming in Texas years ago because of the heat , I heard the reason people in texas walk around with umbrellas is not for rain but to keep the sun off