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Recent content by Larbear2

  1. Larbear2

    Digger 27

    I saw on another forum where digger 27 passed away in June 2021. I am not entirely certain, but was this the fellow that posted as REVIER on this forum? He posted a lot of information about the F70 and also the Compadre. I really enjoyed his posts, lots of good information.
  2. Larbear2

    Just clad today and a visit with the police.

    Hi Wild Willy, I don’t remember if the police officer asked me for some identification or if he specifically asked for my drivers license. I didn’t really give it a second thought, I just handed over my drivers license. I wasn’t aware that giving him some other identification other than my...
  3. Larbear2

    AT PRO wanted a turn

    Hi Dancer, Pro Zero, Disc wide open if possible, I go to Disc 32-40 if needed, Sensitivity 1 or 2 bars down from max. I seem to use the 5x8 coil more than the stock coil. GL& HH buddy!
  4. Larbear2

    Legend scores yet again!

    Ronstar, you are sure full of surprises! Congrats on the barbers and the Indian.
  5. Larbear2

    AT PRO wanted a turn

    Thanks Picketwire, the AT PRO and the F70 seem to complement each other very well. I enjoy using them both.
  6. Larbear2

    AT PRO wanted a turn

    I had a good hunt a few days ago with the fisher f70, finding some clad and an IKE dollar coin. I think it made the PRO jealous and it wanted to go for a hunt. So we went to a different town, to a large sports field. While searching the soccer sidelines, I found a Susan b Anthony dollar...
  7. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Hi rick in mi, I have four sisters, I don‘t recall any of them wearing toe rings. I think it has gotten more popular in the last twenty years or so. With piercings getting more popular, now there are nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings, nipp rings, what’’s next?
  8. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Thanks sl52, that’s what I’m thinking too. Go back some time, low and slow, listen for the whispers.
  9. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Thanks Mark (ohio), those IKE coins are so large, I am thinking that if someone did lose one, someone else would come along and spot it before it had a chance to sink in the ground. Anyway they are fun too find, just don’t come around very often.
  10. Larbear2

    Took The Legend to the AdLawn and The Legend won!

    Congrats on some very nice finds! The Legend seems to be working great, good luck when you go back again.
  11. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Thanks MuddyMo
  12. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Thanks Ronstar
  13. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Thanks Monte, I was using the 7x11 dd.
  14. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Got out yesterday for a 3 hour hunt at a local elementary school. There is a disc golf course on the grounds along with a softball field and playground equipment, I spent 95% of my time searching the disc golf area. I was finding a fair amount of clad which included a couple quarter spills...
  15. Larbear2

    Settings help

    Hi Virg, there is a lot of information on the F70. If you go back to page 27 on this forum, there is a post by REVIER. There are a lot more posts by REVIER if you keep going farther back. He has hundreds if not thousands of hours using an F70 and has experimented using a lot of different...