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Recent content by Larbear2

  1. Larbear2

    A bonus to go with the clad

    Thanks for the replies! I did count the ten in my finds.. I like sl 52’s suggestion to use it to buy breakfast on my next hunt. The Canadian coins I will continue to hang on to them and take a trip to Canada some time, thanks Ronstar!
  2. Larbear2

    Took my old CZ7a out the other day, can't believe it still gets coins where i have hunted with 4 or 5 other detectors, even the XP Deus 1.

    Good job Flintstone. I still have a CZ5 and a CZ7apro. Just haven’t used them for awhile. Might be time to try them again. We have been getting some rain now and I’m thinking those CZ’s will punch deep.
  3. Larbear2

    A bonus to go with the clad

    Just more clad coins today and a couple junker rings. Started out with the F70, but noticed some dark rain clouds moving in quick, so I switched it out for the AT PRO for the waterproofness. Found the ten dollar bill while searching along a fence line at a little league ballpark. So, does...
  4. Larbear2

    Nothing but clad but i still had fun

    I went metal detecting to a high school that has been very good for large amounts of clad in the past. This school has also given me 3 gold rings and a few silver rings. Usually it is only clad. I don’t hunt it too often so the clad has time to accumulate. In most areas, the grass is thick...
  5. Larbear2

    Interesting comparison: durability of clad coins vs. 90% silver

    Thanks Picketwire, I love the silver coins.
  6. Larbear2

    Interesting comparison: durability of clad coins vs. 90% silver

    Thanks marcomo, that is very interesting. To me, the clad coins seems far more susceptible to degradation, but evidently things aren’t always what they seem. You have made me stop and think about it and I am open to different points of view. As you pointed out, from an aesthetic point of...
  7. Larbear2

    Interesting comparison: durability of clad coins vs. 90% silver

    Thanks Hank68, I agree about the condition, I think it looks great, lots of detail. Not bad for being at the bottom of the lake for 50+ years! GL&HH.
  8. Larbear2


    That sounds like fun Rick, I like a good coin spill. Get ‘‘em in bunches instead of one at a time.
  9. Larbear2

    Gold ring #15 for the years!!!

    Congrats, that’s a good amount of gold and time left in the year to find more.
  10. Larbear2

    Pleasant surprise.

    Nice recovery Ronstar, you’re still finding the old ones! Keep going buddy!
  11. Larbear2

    First Keeper with the Deus 2

    Good job T-DUB, I have never used a D1 or a D2, but I bet there is a learning curve to both!
  12. Larbear2

    back up plan paid off

    Thanks miserman, that’s a good idea to have plan a,b, and c. I was thinking that if that park hadn’t been good, I might have to try and find a promising private permission. It seems like there usually is another alternative if the first two plans don’t work out. Easier on the stress level if...
  13. Larbear2

    back up plan paid off

    Thanks rick in mi, finding only 65 cents in the water made me want to find more somewhere else before returning home. It sure was nice when plan B gave up the goods.
  14. Larbear2

    First silver Washington in quite some time

    Thanks Jim tn, it was nice that several of us had the opportunity to search the lot before they fenced it off.