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Recent content by Leslie(nova scotia)

  1. Leslie(nova scotia)

    First silver this year

    Great way to start a new safe.
  2. Leslie(nova scotia)

    only in Canada eh

    Along with my hunting knife, Lesche tool, long handled steel spade I have added a new tool to my digging arsenal...."The Permafrost Penetrator." Only in Canada eh....tant it da trut youz!
  3. Leslie(nova scotia)

    1st 3d of the year...a nice ride

    Noon. Marie and I going stir crazy so I suggested a drive, she suggested a location, I suggested that we take Zen Guru along and she countered..."Snack at Rotten Ronnies!" Life is good. It was rather dark with rain threatening but what the halibut. First stop whereas Marie grabbed her book and I...
  4. Leslie(nova scotia)

    The Digaholic's Epiphany before Christmas

    Sent to east texas a month ago...should be home sir of the season
  5. Leslie(nova scotia)

    The Digaholic's Epiphany before Christmas

    A light rain creating a phantasmagoria of effervescent dots slowly making their way down the windshield. An overhead sky darkened by cloud that seemed almost apologetic in that they blocked the sun. Behind Nogo's wheel a man of years and toil. Going out to fulfill a need. A need that had...
  6. Leslie(nova scotia)


    Txs for the heads up sir. Be safe.
  7. Leslie(nova scotia)

    Bluenoser's confused deep thoughts

    Deep thoughts from the confused Bluenose phycologist. If politicians tell the truth..........will their nosed grow? Can a metal detectorist be buried in his hobby? Do owls really give a hoot? Ever wonder why you wonder? Why do weeping willows weep? Never having to say you are sorry is...
  8. Leslie(nova scotia)

    "X" really does mark treasure

    Tried to no avail ....3 series is what I am looking broken one off to East Texas for repair...have a great day!
  9. Leslie(nova scotia)

    Please Pray--

    Prayers on the way Ma!
  10. Leslie(nova scotia)

    Freedom 3 and Freedom 3 PLus

    Txs for offering but like the 3series....happy hunting
  11. Leslie(nova scotia)

    "X" really does mark treasure

    The first thought of the day is when I rolled out of bed putting my feet on the floor, getting up and letting out an ungodlily scream.! Felt as if some one had taken a rapier and drove it through both knees. Second thought is the upcoming visit with a specialist doctor who is going also to...
  12. Leslie(nova scotia)

    Freedom 3 and Freedom 3 PLus

    Well the last of my 4 of these machines gave up the ghost and Garrett indicated too old and cannot fix. If anyone has a good working one for sale PM me. Thanks and happy hunting!
  13. Leslie(nova scotia)

    "IT" rose to find silver

    It rose for silver From it's darkened crypt that had been its home for the past fortnight It arose. Unshaven, beady red eyes with a very discernable lower hang on it's right side. The Romaine lettuce had not killed the thing but left it totally incapacitated in its tomb. "UGH! Must detect"...
  14. Leslie(nova scotia)

    Need Prayers--Please

    Prayers Maw...the Lord is divine.