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Recent content by Monkeys Uncle

  1. Monkeys Uncle

    Got Ring # 5, 6 & 7 Today After Work.

    Good eye!
  2. Monkeys Uncle

    Gold age...

    You're a lucky man! Congrats.
  3. Monkeys Uncle

    Minelab Vanquish users...

    Sorry guys...but I'm a trained Statistician...taught it on the University level. I know for a fact, some TID's yield 'probabilities' pointing directly at iron, foil, zinc cents, etc. I don't waste my time digging em...tooooooooo old and tooooooooo little time left to waste it chasing trash and...
  4. Monkeys Uncle

    Got silver today, and...!

    Sorry no pics, but did my grocery run today and checked the Coinstar machine on the way in...One quarter, two dimes (incl. '51 Rosie), three nickels and two zincs. :love: As I was shopping with the wife, I found a loose dime on the floor. (y) Checked the counter again (after shopping/checking...
  5. Monkeys Uncle

    Well. I finally did it!!!

    Gotta ask...what were you swinging?? How deep was it?? Great signal or iffy/bouncy??
  6. Monkeys Uncle


    Would like pics
  7. Monkeys Uncle

    Yesterdays river park find

    Great find. Just a guess...but probably a pilots wings with senior rank...say Colonel or above????
  8. Monkeys Uncle


    Just discriminate pull tabs and can slaw...but still target everything else of value that is masked/mistaken by them and I would be a happy, HAPPY man!
  9. Monkeys Uncle

    I called Minelab....and they didn't know, either...

    You won't be dissatisfied with the V 440. I love mine...sold my Etrac and have not missed it. Sooooo light (can sing forever) and sooooo simple by comparison!!!!!!! Lot of detector for small price!!!!! ETA - Turn it on, decrease Sensitivity by 2 or 3 (unless site is more than normally clean)...
  10. Monkeys Uncle

    Minelab Vanquish users...

    I know this is not a "one answer fits all" question. Granted, there are a number of variables...BUT in YOUR OPINION is there a somewhat narrow range of VDI values on your Vanquish detector that you would somewhat expect to detect an 'adult' size ring? Say a set or range of values for gold and...
  11. Monkeys Uncle

    How to clean old coins

    STEP 1 - I use white vinegar and a pinch of salt in a plastic bottle...shake vigorously for 3-5 mins. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. STEP 2 - Then place in tumbler with broken auto glass, small amt. of clear water, drop of Dawn dish soap and a bit (1/2 CUP) of "CLR" product. Tumble for 2...
  12. Monkeys Uncle

    Prayers needed for Elmy

    Prayers sent. Sincerely...get well and get back to helping others.