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Recent content by Monkeys Uncle

  1. Monkeys Uncle

    Ever find one of these??

    Did ya check it for drugs or drug $$? ;)
  2. Monkeys Uncle

    Small falcon maybe

    Beware...hungry Blue Jay stalking Honey Badgers. :cool:
  3. Monkeys Uncle

    prayer request.......

    Will be praying that God's will be done for Judy, and the Dr's and Nurses have steady hands and clear heads. Amen!
  4. Monkeys Uncle

    An interesting unique find...

    Cool find. (y)
  5. Monkeys Uncle

    What does "Scales" means on an 1877 map?

    My guess..."rural/agricultural" regions, especially crops like cotton, grain, hay, etc. would provide a higher frequency of weigh stations (scales) than ranch (cattle, sheep, swine, etc.) area.
  6. Monkeys Uncle

    Five digit Sterling Silver marking?

    Reads "SI" to me and logic says "no reason to stamp in one direction, then invert and stamp in another".
  7. Monkeys Uncle


    Ugly GOLD works for me. ;):cool:
  8. Monkeys Uncle

    FBI failed to find fabled Civil War gold worth $400m

    Wait...what???? Y'all saying there's GOLD lying around...hiding out there!!!!! If that's damn detector's been keeping it a secret from me. :oops: :mad: For sale or trade, one slightly...(actually smashed/unrecognizable) blind, lying, stupid non-detector. ETA - - - BUT...if you're...
  9. Monkeys Uncle

    Weekend hunt dime trifecta clean silver!

    ...and, you left some for the rest of us...RIGHT?????? Good job. Congrats!!!!
  10. Monkeys Uncle

    Moving to Texas from NJ

    Big? Not very...2-3 ft. The large rattlers are in the Tx Hill country (Central, TX) region. My dad was a rice farmer...water moccasins were my worst nemesis. He and I dispatched 84 one afternoon with 410 shotguns. Snakes...Texas has em all, incl. Coral snakes...but, only seen one of them when...
  11. Monkeys Uncle

    Minelab Manticore

    Good luck guys! Love MineLab, but I'm just not convinced anymore that "more $$, means dramatically more treasure". At least not for you and I...but, for them... 🧐 ETA -'s still more "LOCATION and PATIENCE", than "MACHINE"!!
  12. Monkeys Uncle

    Moving to Texas from NJ

    One last pc. of advice re: beach hunting in very aware, there are rattle snakes (lots of them) in the salt grass. Stay on the beach unless you're snake experienced and carrying something stout that's longer than the snake or goes "BANG"! Not joking.
  13. Monkeys Uncle


    Pretty sure "Satan has been loosed" and he is "deceiving nations", and thereby the citizens that reside in them. Sadly :( most are unaware. Fortunately - HE is on his throne and HIS mercy for those that are in HIM, will prevail. It is definitely time to wake up, get right in HIS eyes...the rest...
  14. Monkeys Uncle

    Do you ever find any keys?

    Whatever you do with them...don't let Satan loose. Actually, I think he is already're job is to lock him back up...THEN 'throw the key away'!'re ON THE CLOCK!