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Recent content by relicmeister

  1. relicmeister

    Best detector for me !

    Deus 2 with 9” coil and as of this week 11” also checks all the boxes for me. I also just got a second shaft( lightweight one) and a puck to stem mount , and a pair of WSA ii headphones. I’m using a separate shaft for the 11” coil with the remote, and one for 9” coil and the puck stem mounted.
  2. relicmeister

    My Deus2 coil has shipped!

    Ordered an 11” yesterday and it’s shipping today.
  3. relicmeister

    First impressions Using Deus 2

    Found a lot of silver with my Deus 2 so far , higher percentage than any other detector, even though I’ve been able to detect less since I got it. Congratulations on those finds.
  4. relicmeister

    9 in xp deus 2 coil

    I have the 9” and canceled my order for an 11” but after using my 9” in a big field, I reordered at $60 discount and it will be shipping today.
  5. relicmeister

    Settle Down Dude

    Ok folks- read my lips - no more new detectors. Extremely content with my D2 And 9” coil. Surprised the weight is same as the equinox which since swinging a Deus I consider unwieldy. The new Minelab doesn’t even collapse as small as the Legend which also surprises me. Nope - not jumping onto...
  6. relicmeister

    New unmaking settings on the ORX are kicking ax

    Nice! I guess the same can be applied to the Deus 2?
  7. relicmeister

    Iron falsing

    It may be that the Deus 2 gives ample tonal information to tell iron signals from non ferrous but at the rate I’m detecting it will be some time before it clicks for me. I still have to try some other things like bc rejection and using more silencer , in addition to using the XY screen. I very...
  8. relicmeister

    fast 40 does it get the finds?

    Post your opinion- I’m going to give it a try myself and I’ll do the same
  9. relicmeister

    Iron falsing

    What’s the consensus for using program 3 -sensitive FT and using XY screen in terms of iron identification? Which is more suited- general or sensitive ( 3-tone or Full tone?)
  10. relicmeister

    Anyone try out the Deus 2 and then switch back to the Deus?

    I sold my Orx after getting the Deus 2. I also sold the Deus lite when I sold the Orx. I’m very pleased with the Deus 2 and it’s my only machine. I have the 9” coil and will eventually get the 11” but not In any rush for it and you can’t get one alone yet anyway. I think the only thing I miss is...
  11. relicmeister

    Almost lost my remote in the surf !!!!

    I have the doodads shoe lock which is stronger but not foolproof- a jolt will still dislodge it, just bigger than without. I also have the lanyard attached to the shaft end and to the remote cover. Don’t take chances. It’s disappointing XP didn’t improve the shoe design and make a locking device...
  12. relicmeister

    My new Deaus 2

    I’ve never found so many silvers. Up to I think 9 since getting it in April. And mostly at Well detected sites. That’s how I know it’s due to the Deus 2 performance.
  13. relicmeister

    Deus 2 coil

    A 5.5x9 ( or is it 5x9.5?) is not as likely on the D2 due to larger battery fitting constraints, but fingers crossed anyway
  14. relicmeister

    US Tones

    Doesn’t the XY screen help with determining whether the 86-88 is iron or non ferrous? I would think that the best way if it’s troublesome.
  15. relicmeister

    Coil Question

    Both are excellent.hf preferred for relic hunting, x35 for coin shooting but either does the job. 9” size is just right. Good luck