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Recent content by relicmeister

  1. relicmeister

    Review of coiltek 10x5 with Equinox 900

    I think I’ll get the 10x5 before too long. I wanted and got the WM 09 first so I can use lighter headphones which means more to me now. My only concern with the 10x5 is that I’d be using that all the time as an all around coil and rarely use the 11” or 6” out of convenience, and the 11” is...
  2. relicmeister


    Jesus said all these things would come to pass. True followers have not to fear.
  3. relicmeister

    Review of coiltek 10x5 with Equinox 900

    As I just bought a WM 09 module I’m going to hold off till spring to get one, unless a good used one comes along that I can’t pass up
  4. relicmeister

    WM09 for The Manticore, 700/900, and Xterra Pro.

    Just got one so I can use my lightweight headphones instead of the bulky ML 85. I clipped the module on the front of a cap and the $10 Sony 32 ohm back phones ( much like Deus ) to the back. Hardly noticeable, comfortable and sound great. I paid $135 for my WM 09. I used the lighter...
  5. relicmeister

    Maybe something new coming...

    I’ve liked a few of the First Texas machines a great deal. Fisher F75, f19, Teknetics Omega. I’d also love to see them come out with a new generation f75 above all, but they better keep the trigger pinpoint and phenomenal balance if they know what’s good for them. I’ll be keeping my eyes open...
  6. relicmeister


    Satan is having a field day with the rejection of God in our society and by the invitation of so many.
  7. relicmeister


    Good news because Jesus reigns.
  8. relicmeister

    Review of coiltek 10x5 with Equinox 900

    I have a 900 - not able to use much as I had a surgery and now weather is an issue. What appeals to me about the 10x5 is small coil separation and yet a reasonable size footprint, as compared to the 11” and 6”. Thinking about getting one, but not until I put enough time in on the 900 to...
  9. relicmeister

    Weight comparison

    Sorry for long delay. Had a lot of fun on the beach, found 14k St. Michael’s medallion and a 10k gold men’s ring. Had a medical issue that cut the trip 2days short unfortunately.
  10. relicmeister

    Age of this hair clip?

    Looks 1870-1900 to me. This is I believe a large hair clip from similar period.
  11. relicmeister

    WM09 for The Manticore, 700/900, and Xterra Pro.

    I don’t like heavy headphones like the ML 85 - much prefer on ear Lightweight phones. Ordered Sony 32 ohm back phones ( like XP wired) and 1/8” jack 6’ long coiled extension. Yes it’s tethered but coiled cords don’t snag. I liked the WM 08 with the 800 - I had it and lightweight phones fastened...
  12. relicmeister

    Prices going up

    Paid $850 for a new and never used Eqx. 900 dealer return. Promised myself I would resist buying any accessories or after market enhancements. My other detector is a Deus 2 with 11” & 9” coils, and a separate collapsing straight shaft for the 9” ( used with puck control) The reason I wanted the...
  13. relicmeister

    Prices going up

    Welcome to the future where maximum profits and mediocrity and yes DEI dictate corporate decisions.
  14. relicmeister

    Happy new year folks

    Thought I’d send a quick post- in a heap of pain from a double hernia surgery 3 days ago, hoping tomorrow brings a little relief- they say third days a tough one and I have to agree. Been pretty lucky though, last time I had surgery was year 2000. Made my insurance deductible already on Jan 2...