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Recent content by Rick(ND)

  1. R

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    Hi Monte Been a while since I responded to too many post, but feel you have the right idea on this one. The reason I say this is my wife's MXT while I was learning it seen several signals that were weaker and would disappear swinging over it several times to get a good ID on it to discover I...
  2. R

    Minelab "The Sovereign" A few questions...

    Look and see if it says Minelab Sovereign XS as it would be the second generation and one of the best they made, if the coil say coinsearch on it it is possibly the 8 inch one and it too is the easiest to learn the Sovereign with and preferred by many and hard to find, but these are not...
  3. R

    Old Dog Tax and Flat Buttons

    A few years ago I dug one from ND that was a 1876 in a old ball field in ND. This one was actually one a year before North Dakota was a state so it was a Dakota Territory one, but didnt have The DT on it if it would have it would have been $1000 Dog tag, but did have the town name on it...
  4. R

    Beach Sensitivity knob on my Elite.

    I believe all the Sovereigns are max sensitive right out of the auto and when turning it clockwise to beach is less sensitivity, just opposite of what you would think it is. So where it says beach is less sensitivity and the most is when you turn it just before it clicks in auto...
  5. R

    Search Coils For Sovereign

    All the Sovereign or Excalibur coils work on all Sovereigns, dont make a difference if its for the original Sovereign or the GT, they are all BBS and dont think any other coils work with any Sovereigns.
  6. R

    New to the sovereign

    You got a great detector, now you just got to learn how to use it. It takes longer to learn than most detectors, but can and will surprise you what this detector can do, If you dont have a 180 meter it may take longer to learn it as some tones are close to on another and with a good 180 meter...
  7. R

    Pin Pointer Mounting

    Here is what I found for the clips on the S1 probe. I cant get the picture on my phone to download or I would show you the picture . The one I do have is for the S1 probe on a Elite or GT shaft, these mount on the arm cuff instead of the shaft as you remove the 2 bolts that hold on the arm cuff...
  8. R

    Pin Pointer Mounting

    If I can remember to check Thursday when I go over to my shop I had some extra parts for the S1 probe and think I have the probe mounts that were made for the Sovereign shafts. These were the newer ones that clamp on the shaft and not the ones that had the thin strap that kept breaking. Now if...
  9. R

    "New" Sovereign on the way

    There was a mod done years ago after the Sovereigns came out as one dealer was doing it and claimed to have better depth and was silent search. I had it done on one of the XS I had and I switched it back to the original setting. The reason I found the tones were harder to tell as it was set max...
  10. R

    Favorite Sovereign coil?

    The DTI III is by far my favorite meter and very easy to calibrate for me as I check it often which a person should do. The one way I use is to turn on the detector and run it in disc and either use a new dime or even a copper penny, run it across the coil and , or coil over the coin and try to...
  11. R

    "New" Sovereign on the way

    Wow!! lot of Sovereign lovers and I was thinking I was the only one around as not much posting going on. They take a while to get used to them, but when you do you you know you got one of the best around if not the best. I started out with the Sovereign XS and was so easy to set up and a true...
  12. R

    Favorite Sovereign coil?

    With the Sovereign I find when there is a lot of trash or iron I have to swing slower so I can hear that threshold come and go as it is seeing too much and takes time to see each target and as we know it hates iron more than any detector. This is a big problem for those that are new to the...
  13. R

    Favorite Sovereign coil?

    I said that for years on the Sovereigns and wish they still made them but a lot lighter. I dug many of coins with iron next to a coin and one I will never forget is a well worked ball field and went slow with all the bottle caps around and other trash I got small signal in with a null. I wish...
  14. R

    Anybody have an Explorer arm rest that they aren't using?

    Hi Chris, Been a while since I seen you or talk to you. When I was selling Minelabs I always stocked a few arm cuffs as James and a few others always broke them and will look in my spare part and see if I have one and get back too you. Being I am getting old I forget a lot of thing but will...
  15. R

    Question on the Deus 2

    Thanks for the info on the site and the question on the volume of the backphones . Took a quick look at the manual and coppied it and looks like I got a bit of reading to do before I decide if I want to try it or not. Will keep reading the forum too for different tips and such. Thanks again...