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Recent content by Rick(ND)

  1. R

    Minelab Sovereign XS

    Yes the coinsearch coil is not waterproof, but water resistant unless the coil is cracked or the cable is cracked. letting in water that will short it out. Now some do or used to have a good coil and would seal where the cable go into coil itself and have no problem in water, but if the water...
  2. R

    Any one swinging the NEL Tornado 12X13 on their Sov?

    George Good to see you back on the Sovereign forum after trying other detectors as I knew you would as you, like me that got to know your Sovereigns my try others, but always seem to come back to the Sovereigns, just wish they still made them and make them lighter weight. Good luck George...
  3. R

    Converting 550 meter to 180

    Decided to check the BBS forum tonite and see you wonder why many of us like the 180 over the 550. The early 550 meter I found the number fluctuated to much to tell the id of many targets where the numbers only change a number or 2 so it was so easy to ID the target it was seeing. The later...
  4. R

    Sovereign 550 meter. Does anyone have a chart?:detecting:

    I believe I still have some kits left with the instruction I copied off the BBS forum to do it correctly . The kit comes with the resistors for either of the 2 different 550 models, plus the pot for the adjustment for calibration on the back of the meter housing. When I found a place that had...
  5. R

    WTH is this acceptable?????????????

    Been detecting since 1973 and learned that most people dont know or take the time to pinpoint correctly. another thing is using a shovel of any kind in someone yard or parks and playground or ball fields doesn't look good to anyone watching. This causes many places being closed for detecting . I...
  6. R

    where is the Sovereign users

    I havent been around much on the forums as had problem getting on this forum with my AOL account, but it worked today. Thought I would see many post I missed, but none at all and wonder where all the Sovereign user are at. I decided to sell my Equinox 800 last week as I know I dont have 5 hours...
  7. R

    WTH is this acceptable?????????????

    Myself I feel too many are using shovels in these area. even the photos of many show using a shovel like the Sampson they cut a bigger plug than needed. I use a Lesche and a narrow tip screwdriver to pop out the ones no very deep. I see one guy (dealer) that cut a 15 inch plug as he was using a...
  8. R

    Funniest or Unusual find

    I see I am not the only one finding these in church yard, most all mine were in church yard, kind of odd isnt it.
  9. R

    Detecting after hip/ knee replacement

    The reason I cant get out like I did before is I had both knees total replaced at the same time about 3 or 4 years ago and went to the rehab and I can get down, but getting up is tough and when I do I seem to fall over most of the time. I am at 73 and seem to fall over a lot as my balance it...
  10. R

    The Best of the Best

    I have started in 1973 detecting and forced to slow down or quit detecting for health reasons, but I have tried many different detectors over the years. I like the whites MXT as it put the fun back in detecting, the Fisher F75 is my favorite Fisher. I used the Teknetics Mark 1 and once learned...
  11. R

    Tumbling Wheat Cents

    I did some of my wheats a couple of years ago and did some for another treasure hunter that didn't come out too bad,little edge wear. Now that they sat for a while it is hard to see the edge wear. I used a vibrating tumbler instead of my rotating one as it is nicer and dont over clean them. I...
  12. R

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    Been a while since I checked the BBS forum out is why no one has seen me, got several health problems that keeps me out of detecting. Anyway I was a Minelab and Sun-Ray dealer and I know that the Q12 Charger in no longer being built. I had several come back that didn't seem to charge right and...
  13. R

    Found my oldest coin with the F5

    Over the years we have found many of these Chinese cash coins as they are called. From what we found out was when a dynasty went to the next ruler the coins became worthless and new ones were made. Now the old one were used for jewelry such as charm bracelets and even seen a jacket made with...
  14. R

    My first Barber dime in an unlikely place.

    Lot of different possibility on this dime, if found where kids hang out at like the school one could have brought it to school to show others and then lost it. Some may have took it from their dad collection to buy something and lost it. Then there is the possibly that the dirt that was brought...
  15. R

    The Metal detector that was no.1

    Everyone seems to have a different one they feel is the one that they like the best. For me several of them I had were great like the Compass Relic Mag auto I had back in the late 70 as it really got the coins. Then it was the Teknetics Mark 1 once I got used to the different tone and beleive...