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Recent content by Ronstar

  1. Ronstar

    What are the chances?

    I would think you would have to ask the odds makers in Vegas to answer your question. But in the meanwhile I will suggest someone went there every year and dropped a ‘43 dime until the war was over!! Accounts for the wear difference and makes a good theory........ good saves!!!
  2. Ronstar

    Newbie wanting to learn

    Wide open area there...... I usually tell landowner I will show them what I find but would like to keep coins primarily. Finding old jewelry or toys etc could be a family heirloom and returning that is a good deed. Some guys have a generic permission form to be signed by both owner and yourself...
  3. Ronstar

    Merc, Silver pendant, Watch and more

    Found this.. look half way down the column.....
  4. Ronstar

    Newbie wanting to learn

    Check any and all laws regarding city/county/state/federal properties. Any private property permission is good as gold. You will see a lot of folks here hit old school grounds, parking strips, etc. Good place to start as most schools are pretty good at letting people on, just abide by any...
  5. Ronstar

    Funniest Response to: What is the most valuable thing ya ever found metal detecting?

    I told a guy once I was trying to finish my pull tab chain from beer drinking in high school, he started going on “I remember doing that....”
  6. Ronstar

    Merc, Silver pendant, Watch and more

    Confused here..... is it an RR lock? Says Road and Bridge Dept.... I remember metal boxes at the bases of old bridges or at traffic lights and intersections so the lights could be adjusted. Could it be one of those locks?
  7. Ronstar

    Pick Up Truck Owners, JFYI

    Good to know, thanks!!
  8. Ronstar

    On the Curb Strips Again

  9. Ronstar

    new permission.. 4 silver day!

    Really have to love those old lots, especially when you know the history and can place the buildings. Nice job
  10. Ronstar

    Barber in the hole!

    Ah c’mon Jeff, why do I have the good pictures to show? When you can read all the letters in Liberty on the head band ya gotta figure that was dropped within a year of release!! Super find!!!
  11. Ronstar

    "Ringing" in the first of May

    Gotta those old silvers....... makes one all warm and fuzzy!!!
  12. Ronstar

    Early one sided thin cigar token?

    Those are some interesting finds for sure, hopefully you can find some info on that token..
  13. Ronstar

    Newbie wanting to learn

    Hello from N Idaho! Just read the owners manual and get out there. A couple hours here and there and dig everything that sounds off. Eventually you will start to understand your machine and begin calling it before you dig it. Just remember, when you were 18 months old you started to walk and...
  14. Ronstar

    VDI numbers for US gold coins

    I would assume if finding early 1900s silver coins then paying attention to tab numbers (Fisher folks) might be worthy!
  15. Ronstar

    1781 George III Irish US Colonial Hibernia Halfpenny

    Thats a neat find for sure!