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Recent content by Ronstar

  1. Ronstar

    Trump Fights Back Against Marxism Being Taught In Schools

    Just had a thought...... tapped his name, said member since June 2005. Isnt that same date as Mistake? Cant look him up he’s totally gone.....
  2. Ronstar

    Trump Fights Back Against Marxism Being Taught In Schools

    I see the word “soiler” in his name, isn’t that what really old people do when they become infirm???
  3. Ronstar

    Best find to auction Getting CTX 3030 - Advise on accessories?

    May be some truth to the RedBook comment... I have both the Red and the BlueBook (2019). Seems Red is more retail and Blue more wholesale. When jkline text saying he thought he had ‘16D and I saw the prices I for sure thought it was caviar and champagne night, nope old man eyes was having...
  4. Ronstar

    A Positive Change

    I would have sent Shumer’s dad the unused ones left in that box......
  5. Ronstar

    Time for Pelosi to go

    Its another reason for term limits. She is not appointed for life. What happened to the story about being set up at the salon (clear pics no mask). Countersuits?? And now, her buddy Gov Inslee (WA) got caught giving a devastated town lost to wildfires a box of apples infested with apple maggots...
  6. Ronstar

    Trump Fights Back Against Marxism Being Taught In Schools

    Probably the same bottom feeder, different color
  7. Ronstar

    Trump Fights Back Against Marxism Being Taught In Schools

    Although......... I never wore much that signified I was in the military. I bought a USAF Veteran cap a year ago and have been pleasantly surprised at the number of sub 18 yr olds that make the effort to say “thank you for your service” vs anyone sneering at me. Maybe some hope here......
  8. Ronstar

    Kids and metal detecting

    Mama told me I had to have a hobby when I retired and it couldn’t be a girlfriend! I fooled her tho cuz I’m still a swinger (of sorts)! Neither of my boys have much interest but both son in laws are getting the bug, especially when they look at my collection of finds.
  9. Ronstar

    1st Hunt with Apex

    He was stingy back then too??? Lol
  10. Ronstar

    Pro Police/Fire pushback.

    The stuff folks get suspended for now is just head scratching........
  11. Ronstar

    What is it?

    First impression was a blackboard with the eraser shelf but the blue football throws that a curve....
  12. Ronstar

    Equinox running hot on nickels today...

    Is that a smiley face across the bottom. Really? Lol. Surprised you didnt hit gold with all those nickels!!!!!! Or as I now call them, fake gold rings.....
  13. Ronstar

    The EQ2 6 inch coil finds a masked seated liberty ...143 years old

    If I found something that old I would be the one seated!!! Nice recovery!!!!
  14. Ronstar

    List your favorite detector

    I have to agree about the DST. The only blips I hear now are actual targets either good or bad. I also noticed I can get right up with another active detector and there is no interference unless almost touching coils. Jkline was having some problems at the corner of a building the other day...
  15. Ronstar

    Another link you may or may not like.

    The bigger point is everyone has made comments or actions meant to be taken in jest that flat back fired. I really doubt anyone is pure to the point of neon white. We’ve all told a dirty joke and we’ve all chuckled. We’ve all told a blonde joke or a jock joke or a farmer joke etc etc...