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Recent content by sargojim

  1. S

    land ranger pro

    I just read on Steve Herschbach (sp) site that the land ranger pro is the same as the fisher f19.
  2. S

    CZ6a tuneup

    I forgot to mention that I believe he keeps a record of each machine he tunes so you can check with him to see if someone claims to have dankowski tuned machine for sale.
  3. S

    CZ6a tuneup

    I sent my 6a to Tom a few years ago. I only had the 10" coil and he does his testing with 8". He tested with the 8" and my 10". He sends info on all he did with respect to different adjustments. Tom does an outstanding job. You won't be disappointed if you send your unit to him.
  4. S

    Your 2 Cents Worth On These 2 Detectors

    Bought my used bandido ii umax a few years ago...Rusty checked it out for me and said it was in good shape. Was going to sell it to buy equinox, but my wife loves that little detector, so still have it. It is a great detector that is light as a feather. Can swing it all day long
  5. S

    blm land

    Heading back to Illinois for the summer. No more desert hunting for now as the rattlers are out and about now. Too hot to wear the snake guards I have....Once agin thank you to all who replied to my question.
  6. S

    blm land

    Thanks to all for your input...I was confused as to whether Camp Ibis was considered Historical....In Goffs, the historial blm land is fenced off. Since camp Ibis wasn't I wasn't sure. Thanks again.
  7. S

    G2 in salt water

    Minas...I had the same thing happen to me at Daytona Beach. Worked fine after it dried out. Haven't put it in water since then. Did the bed liner work to reseal it?
  8. S

    blm land

    Tom, for future reference....I have been detecting for about 20 years. Have also detected on BLM land many times. As far as camp Ibis is concerned I am well aware of its history as I have hunted around Goffs and nearby Ibis several times. My wife and I visited camp Ibis a month or so ago. It...
  9. S

    blm land

    Thanks....Where would you suggest I ask. I checked different blm sights and they said I could detect on blm land?
  10. S

    blm land

    can I metal detect at camp ibis in arizona
  11. S


    what kind of pick do you guys lose. Just taking up prospecting and wondering what would be best. I know most of them have a magner or two in them. Thanks
  12. S

    ground noise

    Does the f75 run quieter if it is ground balanced a little on the positive side. I think I read that somewhere
  13. S

    Santa Fe padlock

    Can any one give me info on this padlock
  14. S

    where does this originate

    I found this in Needles, Ca. Does anyone know anything about it?
  15. S

    f75 coils

    I have a teknetics g2...Just wondering if I can use its 5 in coil on f75