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Recent content by Sataro

  1. Sataro

    best settings for seeded hunt

    When to a seeded hunt in Texas a couple of weekends ago. Ran discrimination up to 90. Turned iron off. Turned sensitivity down to 80. Lost some nickels & Indians hunting this way. But I only wanted to find silver. ORX worked great for this type of hunt. Image shows my results from this hunt...
  2. Sataro

    Today's hunt...

    Great hunt! Getting outside & getting exercise is a great reward. But finding some coins with a silver quarter thrown in really makes it a great hunt!🙂
  3. Sataro

    best settings for seeded hunt

    You cannot go slow during the start of a seeded hunt. Most coins are found in the first 10 minutes. You have to hustle during this time frame. You cannot waste time on a target. If you cannot locate it & pop it out of the ground quickly, then just move on. Once the coin finds slow down, then it...
  4. Sataro

    There's Lots Of Brilliant :nerd: Talent On This Garrett Metal Detecting Forum. ."WHAT DO/DID YOU DO FOR A LIVING?????" :ninja:

    Finished HS, worked as a welder for one year. Joined USAF & served six years as a MP. Factory worker for a few years. Finally finished college 16 years after finishing HS. Spent 6 years teaching life/earth science to 7th & 8th graders. Next 7 years spent running a rural 3 campus school network...
  5. Sataro

    Torn on my next machine...Anfibio? ORX?

    I’ve owned the Anfibio but have since sold it. It is an excellent detector. Only problem I’ve had with it is it's weight. Getting older each year has caused me to start watching weight of the detector. Currently using Nox 800 as my main detector. Just purchased the ORX so not that much time on...
  6. Sataro

    Temperatures like this you gotta go

    Congrats on some nice finds!
  7. Sataro

    Big silver!

    Congrats on some very nice finds!
  8. Sataro

    Found a small tribe...

    Congrats on some nice injuns!!!
  9. Sataro

    Short permission hunt

    Nice find!
  10. Sataro

    Indian Head cent #998 on the way to 1,000

    Congratulations on #998! That is an impressive count.
  11. Sataro

    My Buddy Dick got Busted

    Congratulations on a fantastic find!
  12. Sataro


    Upgrades definitely worth doing...
  13. Sataro

    Small coil

    Definitely understand. Mine is doing the same thing.
  14. Sataro

    Kruzer’s first outing.....the iron pit.

    Congrats on some great finds!
  15. Sataro

    Small coil

    I had the Kruzer & then the Anfibio. Extra coils I had was the 5”, 7” & the 9”. The 5” coil was excellent getting amongst trash. When I started using the 7” coil, I realized that was about the only coil I needed.