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Recent content by Suncoast Kid

  1. Suncoast Kid

    Im ready to pull the plug on the D2

    I remember when I was worried more about how long my batteries would last than the next update. I keep wondering who's next, will it be the Deus II or the Legend? I know it's coming, any time now.
  2. Suncoast Kid

    Legend 9 inch coil?

    They do have the bigger coil out now but I'd like one between the 6" and the 11".
  3. Suncoast Kid

    Legend 9 inch coil?

    I was thinking the same thing, 8 or 9 inch, DD, with the smaller one being concentric.
  4. Suncoast Kid

    Xp deus 2 with 9 inch or 11 inch coil

    Also, like everyone mentions, in the water the 9" coil is going to be much easier to use, and with its depth I don't think you're going to miss anything.
  5. Suncoast Kid

    Xp deus 2 with 9 inch or 11 inch coil

    I went with both. They each have their own place. When walking out on a huge beach the 11" is on. In the forest, park, with all the obstacles the 9".They're both great coils. I would like to see more coils like the HF elliptical or something.
  6. Suncoast Kid

    Legend in Goldfields

    Yeah, I agree, they need to work on the threshold to where it responds with the detection of a target. It just seems like background noise. Not like any threshold I've ever used on any other detector. They are working on this for an upcoming update, as it also doesn't work right with the...
  7. Suncoast Kid

    New Headphones for Deus 2

    I got a pair of the wireless DetectorPro Gray Ghost XP Headphones and they work great at the beach for blocking out all the noise from the surf. I've used them before. I have a wired pair that I used with the ML Sovereign. In the sun at the beach they do get hot to wear, but you can definitely...
  8. Suncoast Kid


    By the time I got the update completed it was already dark outside, so I got a flashlight and went out to the coin garden. I was reluctant to do the update, but I'm glad I did as I was very happy with the results.
  9. Suncoast Kid


    So, I did the update to v0.71. The only problem I ran into was paring the headphones. Just make sure the headphones are off when you update the remote. After the update it will prompt you to pair the headphones. Just make sure they are off to start off with, and when prompted to pair them, just...
  10. Suncoast Kid


    I still have v0.6 on mine and it does well. I received it with that version when I purchased it. Obviously, v.070 was not so good. I see a lot of improvements and new features with v0.71, but also see a lot of complaints about the tones, paring, and or depth. Some say that they wished they would...
  11. Suncoast Kid

    First Try of 7 Inch Concentric Coil on Anfibio Multi

    Right on. That's the only reason I kept the Anfibio Multi is because of the 7" concentric coil. It stays on it permanently. 👍
  12. Suncoast Kid

    Odd question

    Sort of hard to not carry anything metal on you. I drag a giant aluminum sand scoop behind me on the beach, no problem, in fact I use it when I swing the coil all the way around just to check its sensitivity. I think you might have more problems carrying your cell phone when on, than anything...
  13. Suncoast Kid

    📸 Does anyone have a Picture of the D2 strap that you can fasten/unfasten the remote to the handle 📸

    I was thinking about drilling a small hole through the head of the shaft, at one corner like I've seen, and then slightly countersink it a little so the line doesn't wear as bad. That seems better than having it slip up and down on the shaft, plus it prevents the shaft from seating completely if...
  14. Suncoast Kid

    Will the Legends "FERROCHECK" stop you from digging trash?

    I initially thought Ferrocheck would help identify targets at depth, until I read the manual again, and it was designed to help identify shallower targets near the surface. I guess it does help in letting you know that it is a shallow target for one, and also the amount of iron contained in the...
  15. Suncoast Kid

    My Perspective on the Legend

    I have the Deus and it is still a fantastic detector in Iron infested sites, inland. I recently purchased both the Legend and the Deus II. I feel that these will one day also be great detectors. Both have issues that need to be worked out. I'm really looking forward to the future updates. For...