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Recent content by thump7

  1. T

    Kruzer vs Anfibio

    I would have to 2nd much of what Iowarelic wrote. I cant comment on the Kruzer but can say I’m into my second year with the Anfibio, it works good, has found some deep targets, I love the Waterproof and am still learning how to set it up while managing To keep it quiet when I need deep... or so...
  2. T

    Democratic Convention Meetings Omit, 'Under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

    I don’t believe it’s possible to brainwash the masses Into believing wrong is right while still valuing human beings as Children of God. Ive seen a strong debate where some would argue morals do not come from the Bible or religious/ spiritual beliefs but it seems to me if a country looses the...
  3. T

    1235/1236 fisher questions

    Different brand batts sometimes fit looser.
  4. T

    The great fisher 1265 x

    The 1265x is a personal favourite of mine. I had the 1266x, but let it go and kept the 65’.
  5. T

    So. Tell me if I have this "Aunt Jemima" thing correct.

    This reminds me of when I was at a house party about 15 years ago. Racism was a big deal then already. A darker skinned girl called out “Hey, whiteboy“, referring to me. I impulsively thought of returning the same to her but fortunately for me, I refrained... It does not translate the same.
  6. T

    Got a new toy today!

    Great machines! I’ve really enjoyed learning and using this machine.
  7. T

    Gold ring digital numbers

    Almost all the rings I’ve found are in the 1-2.5 gram, women’s ring size. They read in the foil range #’s 22-27, right under a nickel on the F75. A couple read dead on at nickel 29. I’ve only managed to get 2 bigger Gold rings which read 40 and zinc penny 67. One trick that works to some extent...
  8. T

    Best Machine for jewelry on land

    Of the 12-15 or so low-Midrange machines I’ve used, I’d give the F-75 coupled with a 10” concentric The edge as a good jewelry machine. Not only does it have decent depth if needed, but it hits hard on low conductors, has a relatively accurate ID up to about 8-9” For coin sized targets in my...
  9. T

    Double whammy day

    Looks like you got a sweet spot there! comgrats on those finds, those are only getting harder to come by. 👍
  10. T

    What are the best spots to find old valuable coins ?

    Nothing has really changed... where people have a reason to be carrying them, activity, foliage and again; people. Do the research, get lucky and maybe you’ll stumble on a spot that hasn’t been hit yet. I got lucky early in my detecting phase and just winged getting permission for a field. There...
  11. T

    'Nuther question for you guys about Hydroxychloroquine.

    I’ve been using Chlorine Dioxide for a number of years. I rate it in the top 3 alternative medications I’ve ever used... and I’ve tried a lot. Before I quit smoking I’d get 3-4 severe lung infections a year, Every cold was followed by one. It would require a double does of prescription...
  12. T

    Some well armed duck hunters from the U.S. could probably take Canada

    Let’s face it. The Treaty/ native situation and how that whole she-mere has been handled is a straight out national disaster. On the other hand they have proven themselves quite harmless toward other races over the years as far as I can tell and they are in the same shoe as we are with loosing...
  13. T


    Those are some really nice finds. I’ve wanted to find a chauffeur badge but the chances of that happening where I live are slim to none. congrats to you.
  14. T

    Took the F75 out for a spin

    I admit that I for the most part I do rely heavily on the TID as an aid in cherry picking but also listen for the high pitched audio response this machine makes on low conductors in 2 tone and then dig if ID falls into low foil range and up... which means I expect to dig a bunch of junk even...
  15. T


    sounds like your site knowledge and experience with that machine paid off. $14 is a nice haul!