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Recent content by thump7

  1. T

    Concentric coils…

    I had a pristine Compadre, a 7” coil model. I regret selling that one too. Sorry, I can’t help you there.
  2. T

    Concentric coils…

    Many of my best finds were made with a vaquero. A friend with a Tejon was as amazed as I was to see the Tejon could not stay with the Vaquero. The vaquero was hitting deep, small targets that the Tejon just could not hear. it wasn’t by much, but enough to bring up targets on an old site from...
  3. T

    Concentric coils…

    Alright, one of the things I did not mention because it really isn’t an issue for you U.S. guys, is Canadian or European Clad coins. DD coils hate them, and the Legend is no exception. Only a concentric coil can see the difference between a nail, bottle cap, and a clad coin. Don’t laugh, I’m...
  4. T

    Concentric coils…

    I had multiple Tesoros as well. I understand they were best know for iron see-through, and the ability to isolate good targets in trash infested sites. Where I found them most useful for the style of detecting I do, was their ability to identify bottle caps, but still find clad coins and other...
  5. T

    Concentric coils…

    So, back when the Anfibio was all the rave, there was demand for a concentric coil to be made for it. Nokta responded and brought us the 9.5” concentric. I was one of the first to buy one. Actually, that coil was the selling point when I bought the machine. I will hardly use anything but a...
  6. T

    Which one ?

    I’ve used a few of the f-series fishers and they have all been nice machines. The f-75 would be my first pick though, I really like that machine.
  7. T

    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    I’ve owned over a dozen different machines, f-75 would be my favourite park and old site detector just because I love how easy it is to run and how nicely it balances. After that it’d be the Nokta Anfibio and a tossup between the Vaquero and fisher 1265x after that.
  8. T

    Has anybody ever used the 10" Concentric coil on their F75?

    It’s the only I use on the f75. As a park and coin getter it’s a very nice combo. Lighter to swing, deeper than the stock and if the f75 wasn’t already the nicest balanced machine out there, the 10” concentric only makes it better.
  9. T

    F44 or the f75

    Have used both. F75 is ahead by a pretty good margin IMO
  10. T

    Coming on board with an anfibio

    These are nice units IMO, I’m happy with mine. Good luck!
  11. T

    Which coil do you prefer?

    5x10 concentric.
  12. T

    Kruzer vs Anfibio

    I would have to 2nd much of what Iowarelic wrote. I cant comment on the Kruzer but can say I’m into my second year with the Anfibio, it works good, has found some deep targets, I love the Waterproof and am still learning how to set it up while managing To keep it quiet when I need deep... or so...
  13. T

    1235/1236 fisher questions

    Different brand batts sometimes fit looser.
  14. T

    The great fisher 1265 x

    The 1265x is a personal favourite of mine. I had the 1266x, but let it go and kept the 65’.
  15. T

    Got a new toy today!

    Great machines! I’ve really enjoyed learning and using this machine.