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Recent content by tvr

  1. T

    Tooth Cap

    Dental work today isn't what it was. My brother had crumbling front teeth that the dentist held together with small gold rods through the pieces. That was in the late 1960's. They held up well. When he moved to California and got a baseline xray documenting his mouth, sometime around 2000, the...
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    Tooth Cap

    As always, hopping for your full recovery after the knee replacement. From what I've seen other friends go through it takes some work to get the flexibility back, but they are in a lot less pain ... except when they are working on returning the flexibility ... but that pain working on the...
  3. T

    Tooth Cap

    It would not surprise me if the caps were from someone's ashes. A lot of people scatter ashes at the beach and gold alloy has a higher melting temperature than the ovens are set for cremation. When my mother was cremated the place that did it said that some crematoriums sift the ashes to...
  4. T

    Tooth Cap

    Today's beach find. Unfortunately, while all the detectors are here, the gold test kit hasn't been moved yet,neither has my scale; so I don't have test results or weight for this peice.
  5. T

    What are your thoughts... some yrs ago I thought about replacing the original headfones ( bilson) on my cz20...

    You can replace the ear pads with gel ones; more comfortable. And reduce wind noise by covering the open hole in the headset with tape and using flexible putty to seal around where the wires enter the back shell. Both measures reduce wind noise a good bit. I have not replaced the entire headset...
  6. T

    CZ-3d gone?

    Fisher metal detectors are made in the US.
  7. T

    Odd question

    no entiendo
  8. T

    Whats the Scoop on this Scoop?

    LOL time limit to edit expired when adding pictures. Here are the pictures:
  9. T

    Whats the Scoop on this Scoop?

    The discoloration is mostly chromium depletion due to heat. It does increase the risk of corrosion. If it is surface scale it can sometimes be removed with abrasive surface cleaning. The most chromium depleted welds are more of a purple / blue color rather than brown yellow. There is some of...
  10. T

    Whats the Scoop on this Scoop?

    To me, the smaller scoop shows tack welds that do not look like the welds penetrated well. The larger scoop shows a complete seam weld with better penetration of the welds, including the heat discoloration around the opposite side of the metal from where the handle tube and support bracing were...
  11. T

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    I found one about a year ago. What I find amazing is the condition they are in. It is almost as if they were scattered for a hunt and not in the water that long. ??? It was within a block of where I found a 1899 dime in 2016. Here is post when I found it...
  12. T

    Gold coin!

    Cost basis should be what it is worth when you first take possession of it.
  13. T

    Gold coin!

    It came from an old post that was based on Whites detector normal ID numbers. The Whites XL Pro seemed to match those numbers and the F75 I have seems to be very close to the numbers, although dimes do run about +2 from the chart. I know other manufactures have detectors with completely...
  14. T

    Gold coin!

    This one references numbers that match closely to what Jim Tn posted:
  15. T

    The Legend in high mineral soils

    Agree that color of dirt is not a good measure. Even with beep and dig detectors with no meters but with ground balance control you can make a pretty good assessment of mineralization by where it ground balances; even without a meter.