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Recent content by Wild Willy

  1. W

    Its sucks getting old....................................................

    Guys, I'm 85 and still detect, mostly fields, old farm house sights but I try and stay out of the woods. Most of my detecting is solo. I have to use my shovel for balance but I do bust my butt once in a while. I use my shovel to pull myself up. After that, I'm "spent" so I pack it up for the...
  2. W

    DIY detecting shovel

    Laplander, you hit it on Harbor Freight. The average home owner will do fine with it.
  3. W

    Found my second Thimble! Same home!

    Explorer, you've got a great site to work. Keep on digging! I, like most diggers, enjoy the really personal items we dig. A real snapshot of real people. Wouldn't you love to be able to take a peek at how this family lived? You do have the next best thing.
  4. W

    Monday in the park. Fought the demons and won!

    Nice find! You played the game and won.
  5. W

    What about nickles?

    Donna, those are super nice finds. Do you live near Toms River and the beach? I lived near the beach and was stationed at NAS Lakehurst. Airships. Only about 100 years ago! Great times and nice people. Have a great day and dig only gold and silver!!!
  6. W

    More beach finds

    Mighty fine. Mighty fine!!
  7. W

    My 2 Cents

    My brain always wants to know things that most people would consider a waste of time so here goes. What does Deus mean? I guess what I'm saying is why the name Deus? i think in Latin it means God. Any thoughts? Yeah, I know it's a slow morning.
  8. W

    Hardee’s coin

    Not familiar with it but it's a great find. Looks to be old.
  9. W

    People Planting Finds

    A few years ago I planted a Garrett token, gold colored, in a very specific spot in a field on the farm. I knew my brother would hunt in the area because of past finds. This past March I told him about it. To this day neither of us can find that sucker. The laugh was on me. Also, Coffeecan, you...
  10. W

    Rings found with the Deus 2 since February

    Bud, that must be a record. All junkers? Wow I can't remember the last time I found gold or silver on St. Simons Island.
  11. W

    A few previous finds near the old fort…

    Fabulous. As ole' Winston said , never, ever give up.
  12. W

    Drop a little knowledge for me please.

    Booty, the south was basically an agricultural society and the north was being swept with the industrial revolution. I've read in numerous books that only about 10% of Confederate soldiers owned a slave. So, why would the other 90% fight for the slave owners? It had to do with states rights...
  13. W

    My turn for a dumb question..

    Holy cow! I got tired reading about the weight. Think I'll take a nap. Even when I was young I don't think I could have handled the max weight.
  14. W

    Andy Sabich

    Thanks guys. I knew someone could help.
  15. W

    Andy Sabich

    How can I contact him about his Deus book? Thanks