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Anybody use The Audio Duration On The Infinium To help Discriminate Targets?:huh:


Staff member
You can use the audio duration to disc out large targets. A typical pop can will give an audio sound lasting 5 seconds, Beginning with the second HIGH-LOW or LOW-High. Now compare that to a coin sized object, which gives about a second of audio duration, again on that second beep.

Bobby pins are easy to also ID. Listen carefully for either a double beep or nulling when swinging over a target. If it nulls, try running the coil over the target from different directions to try and get tt to double beep. If it doesn't dig it, for it might be a chain. If it does double beep, chances are it's a bobby pin or nail. If you are still not sure, dig it it costs you nothing.


New member
On a 5 wk prospecting trip to Mojave & Az. (1st trip with Finny) i was Detecting a gulch & hit a very Deep (turned out) high/low , sounding like a Possible Nugget to me. Turned out to be part of a zipper - from what transpired after that my Gal said we should call Sheriffs & They came out and started Investigating what started looking like a poss. homicide, do Not know how that ever turned out - He never called me after securing area. Before they arrived I hit 2 other Spots of Very Long Low/Hi drawn out Huge targets (Figured Steel & was correct) so Big thought maybe firearms. Sheriff & I both Dug these 2 spots and turned up 1 old school Oil Can & 1 Oil Filter , in the Ground Alot longer than the primary spot of interest to them. I have found basically the Larger the Target the longer the Tone as well in Duration.


New member
I,m not much for discriminating when using the Infinium LS, even when a loud "LS" lingering sound is heard in the headphones.
Instead I use the sounds to indicate conductivity, size and depth.
This works for me, but there seems to be many opinions on how to use an Infinium.



New member
I'm aware of the audio duration. It always tells me there is an overload to the coil caused by a large/large shallow target. To further help identify the target lifting the coil and rechecking the target again can help with ID. Lifting the coil to reduce the duration can change the tone. That low/high tone with a long drag on the echo can change to a high/low tone with no drag when the coil is lifted - don't forget to use reverse disc to confirm your guess.

That looks like you could open a thrift shop ivanll - ha! That's all cool stuff! Here's a photo of my last trip to the beach - two week haul - lots of audio duration in these finds.

[attachment 238473 beachfinds.JPG]

Black Davy

New member
Absolutely, my last trip to the beach was very successful
Using audio discrimination and iron disc I had vary little trash
And lots of good targets.