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Back to the.... ATX


Ok, so, I don’t think I could have made this up if I tried! Decided to go for another water hunt today, ATX charged and not expecting a great deal as has been ‘slim pickings’ lately - especially with the CTX / Nox / Excal.

Found a spot in the water, I have walked over hundreds of times in the past! Not kidding.

A mixture of luck, tides, sand, the ATX, the mono coil - and clear water!

May be worth writing to Garrett about this one hunt - especially after “breaking up with my ATX” in the past, only to rekindle the efforts this week! In love again.

Several old coins (mostly 70’s and 80’s), 4 silver rings, 2 junk rings, a junker gold coloured earring, and copper / plated locket....

Then 30+ grams of gold! Including an awesome Sapphire? Ring! Hmm, back again tomorrow!

FYI my old username is DMNZ but cannot recover password ;(


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And the next day.....after buying a “new to me” used ATX.....( had two of these before and moved to equinox / other machines) - now rekindling efforts

So it seems the “new for me” ATX gels with me well - probably the hundreds of hours with it back in 2014!

Blessed with some more luck, hunts ‘3 and 4’ generated (across two beaches in water) 8 more rings!

2 silver chains and a Pandora bracelet that was “open” - managed to find 3 charms seperate, under water near the hole for the bracelet!

Yesterday’s (3rd hunt) three gold all pretty average, older 9ct small rings, one with a split band.

Today - hunt 4 - only a few coins but found as area of stripped beach (under water) beside a ton of hot rocks! Argh! Then an awesome 916 STM (22ct) Malaysian Ring!


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Here’s the background - sorry for the incorrect chronological order!
Hi guys - I owned one of the first ATX units (actually 2 of them) and suffered from the coil cable issues. Despite that, these machines produced 100+ gold rings for me (in the space of 1 year).

Garrett was awesome and replaced the coils but they failed again (and again) and eventually I sold the machines and focused on the CTX and EXCALs (modded) and later the Equinox. After selling the ATX I purchased the Whites BeachHunter TDI and to be honest, was less than impressed compared to my finds with the ATX of the past. I deeply missed the two-tone audio of the ATX and the 8” mono in the water. It was a deep machine (the TDI) but I had become used to the ATX.

I noticed my finds ‘dropping off’ once the ATX was sold - and there was no ‘replacement’ PI that was readily available......

So last week I came across a late 2018 ATX and picked that up for a very good price - shipping now!

i will update you guys with regard the cable issue - I guess I am hoping the cable is in good nick and may be the later version?

I missed the ATX - despite its known flaws. Roll on the courier! The forums are certainly quiet on the ATX nowadays


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Here are hunts 5 and 6 - well the gold from those hunts anyway. Underwater cut is starting to close but managed to sneak these out with small “high lows”

Hunts 5 and 6 - two different locations, both in 2-3metres of water.

Have found the best headphones for the atx (ditch the blue ones - they are too loud!) are the old Grey Ghosts with the volume control if you can find them!

small brighter yellow plain band is 18ct - random find in 2.5m depth

Other bands from an “underwater cut” - all “soft” high lows


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Play the lottery.....😂😂


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LOL ... welcome back. About 15 minutes ago I was reading your post on this over on a different forum. You seem as one with the ATX. I did not like the idea of the telescoping shaft with cable in it for silt filled water use, so stayed away from the start.
Congrats on the great finds!


Another dive :) 9ct rose gold hollow bracelet - cut it in half to look inside (other half missing anyway)

18ct and probably 22ct (Chinese) handmade - mint weather as we head into winter!


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So the success you have with the Atx vs your other machines. Is it because it's that much deeper, or the tones or sensitivity?
I hunt the Infinium and those tones are a big help. Also how's the cabels holding out?


So the success you have with the Atx vs your other machines. Is it because it's that much deeper, or the tones or sensitivity?
I hunt the Infinium and those tones are a big help. Also how's the cabels holding out?
Cables ok so far! But super careful with it. I have a few spare coils from my old machines in various states of repair as backups.

Atx is just simple - and works well under water. Still keen to pickup the small infinium DD coils just in case.


I had my ATX coil replaced by Garrett back in 2019 a year after the warranty expired. No issues as of today. With all the negative comments about this detector it still sells for over $2000. I would stay away from older ATX machines that do not have replacement coil by Garrett.