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Does anyone still repair Sovereigns?


Active member
I have an opportunity to purchase a Sovereign GT but I'm hesitant because if it breaks I'm wondering how it could be repaired. My first Detector was a Sovereign Elite and I miss it, just the tones alone are unique. Any advice?


Well-known member
As long as you can trust the source you are buying from you should be be ok..they really aren’t known for breaking with exception of the battery tabs and even if that happens you rig it to hold the battery in place with Velcro... If the battery goes dead you can get one of the national battery stores to rebuild them..the hard part is opening the battery pack without destroying it...


Well-known member
I think The minilab repair facility would repair if the parts were available. They are a tough machine. Only problem I have had with mine in nearly 8 years was caused by ME.


Active member
Thanks for the advice! Minelab America sent me a rely email that they do indeed still repair them. Maybe it would be good to send the control box in for a cleaning and tune up 👍
I just bought a GT couple of months before they locked us down after watching videos of Terry Shannon clean the Florida beaches of all the old Gold trash that was laying around.
I put in a plastic bag and then mounted around my neck for wading in the surf here at my beach. I could not get over the tone of hitting a good target. It sounds like a light saber from a movie about the stars and wars I saw not too long ago.
I use a Excalibur II and to my ears it does not sound the same similar but the GT seems to increase the sound after hitting a weak signal. maybe my imagination. I did not clean as well as Terry but did my part for the environment.
I want the president to pardon us or give me early release for good behavioral so I can clean the beach and help save the world.
I hope each of you are staying safe and healthy, remember we will get through this....Passover just like moses wife watching 10 commandments on tv and take this time to research your next hunting adventure. I found a few places in my area I never knew of just playing with google and putting in the words old roads, old swimming holes, old army trails etc. the internet is good and bad just in the way its used.


Well-known member
Yes I know Terry also and he spends his summers up here in MN where he also does real well on gold and silver. then goes to Florida for the winter months and finds more. I know he uses a Sovereign and he does have a Nox too and lets us know up here in the E Mails how he is doing as he is in our club that we meet in our Cafe in ND. The finds are sometimes very old and has one of the best display II have seen in my 45 years of detecting. If I remember right I sold him his first used Sovereign I took in on trade and a new Excalibur, but it sounds like he like to use his Sovereign more than the Excalibur.
I sure hope you can all meet Terry as he is one awesome guy and fun to hunt with.
Now I see Treasurechic is going to start using a Sovereign Elite now being used to have a older Sovereign so I always say if you know the Sovereign well and sell it you will always want to get one back again. I have the GT myself and like my stock coil, but picked up a 8 inch Tornado coil that is new or very close to be new on a new lower shaft in case I need it, but have never used it yet as for health reason ( triple bypass and both knee replace 2 years after the bypass ) so My Sovereign just sits on the wall as it is hard to get up off the ground and been trying to use my Nox 800 being lighter, but from what I used it, it is no Sovereign. and may have to try a different shaft shaft for the GT and figure how to mount my DTI 3 meter and my S1 probe to balance more.

Good luck to all


Active member
Your right about the Sovereigns! Ever since I sold my Elite I have tried every brand out there, currently using a Anfibio which e love but, the opportunity to buy a GT just can't be passed up,


Well-known member
TC I bought my GT in August and minilab discontinued them Dec 31. Once I got a meter and learned the machine I could not stand the idea of not having one so I purchased a spare. Now we are a team. I used mine at the beach until I got an Excal. So the Gt bets play on the dirt and the Xcal plays on the sand and in the water.


Active member
I would never part with my Sovereign. Still my favorite salt water beach hunter.
Yep, I've got about three here and a big bunch of coils. Keep thinking I should put a couple packages together and sell them off, but probably just keep them for parts/spares.