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Dying out...

Kind of sad to see the Infinium forum dying out and was even more saddened learning the Infinium was discontinued; there's been a lot of good information and stories shared here over the years. I've been busy (distracted) with other things in recent years and have not been an active lurker. I've always like mine.

Considering the major reason any product is discontinued is sales, I can't help but wonder why the market didn't like it? Since I also SCUBA dive, I don't foresee getting rid of mine anytime soon.


Well-known member
After using a lot of PI units for salt water beach hunting, the Infinium is the only one I have left. It has found the best target I ever dug on the beach.

Being able to mount it on a straight shaft, change coils, fit it with a pair of GG Underwaters, tone ID and being waterproof leaves it in a class by itself in my opinion.

I mainly use the big Garrett mono coil on it.

I think the main reason it never really took off is that there are other units more specific for gold nugget hunting, and the same for coin shooters, relic hunters and beach hunters. In addition, setting up the Infinium to run on a salt water beach takes a bit of learning but once you go through the frequency check, get the unit tuned to the beach conditions for a smooth operation by adjusting the threshold and discrimination settings and allowing the unit to ground balance, its a really great salt water beach hunter. You just have to work it slow and listen. Shallow nails, bobby pins, wire will double hit, but so will some shallow chains. PI hunting really is a dig all mindset though so I dig all targets, even the double hits, when using the Infinium. I just pick my spots as to where to hunt. Iron laden beach's not a good fit.

Shoot, you can put the 8 inch mono coil on it and actually coin hunt by only digging the low/high tone targets. You will dig some iron and not dig nickels that way but it can be done.

Sad to see it being discontinued but that's the way things go I guess when a product does not sell well.

I won't ever get rid of mine.


Infinium LS is an excellent beach/water detector and useful as a gold prospecting detector, but it got outgunned by the ATX in gold prospecting also being able to use the Infinium DD coils on the ATX made it even more versatile.

Just for the sport of it I also use an ATX original open DD coil on the Infinium LS when beach hunting ... yes it was modified to have its own shaft just like the Infinium and both detectors are used with the control housing chest mounted.

As someone else mentioned in another thread, I would much rather have seen an Infinium II or some other upgrade in the same box. Outstanding capability, versatility, and SCUBA compliant was perfect for me. As an infinium owner, maybe some day I could get the ATX just for land use but as a first time buyer I would not have even considered it due to not being water proof.
As a diver, I would consider 10' to just be dunk proof; something that if dropped would not be destroyed by water. But would not consider diving with it.

BTW, I just Googled price on the ATX; I should hope it is more than just marginally better than the Infinium... the coils for ATX are almost what I paid for my Infinium (used) with two coils, and both land and water headphones.


Well-known member
So , the Infinium with it's two tone signals, ability to switch coils, ability to tune out most emi. Shaft, chest, or belt mounted. Lot of advantages. Priced right.
So than comes the ATX.. Plenty of power along with the tones. All down hill after that. According to the reviews. Had one in my hands, day I bought my Inferno. Too heavy, too expensive, and reading the ATX forum , lots of other problems. Now simply put the ATX technology on the Infinium concept, well bet a bunch of us would have bit.