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F19 coming


Well-known member
So I had bought a g2+ a year ago cause I always wanted one. Although I liked it I sold it cause I’m fickle. I did regret that and so I found an f19 for sale and will soon have it. I think the 10x 5 elliptical coil is better for relic hunting plus it has a larger coil and a 5” as well. I really like lightweight and simple machines which is why my main detector is an XP Orx. I know the Orx is better but I want a little variety. I actually like that there’s nothing that needs recharging - just keep a spare battery with it and it’s always ready to use. Two things the f19 is known for are being unaffected by EMI and spot on TIDs even at depth. Who else uses an f19? How do you like it?
I have an f19 and and Gold Bug and love them. The 10x5 coil is even "sharper" than the Sharpshooter on my T2 and the F19. Another coil that works very well is the Nel Snake or Cors Shrew. I have half a hacksaw blade on the floor in my garage. I can put a quarter touching the blade in the center and with the tip get the correct VID. I have 12 (I think) detectors and these two are the only ones to do this. Some of my others let me know there is something there besides the big piece of iron there but only these two correctly ID it. My other detectors include the T2, Racer 2, Impact, multiple Tesoros, both Omegas. I also have the Mars Tiger coil which is pretty deep in my mineralized Colorado soil. The F19 also works very well as a cherry picking coin machine when you discriminate up to Zinc and then notch in 3 to 5 numbers around Nickel. I did modify my Gold bug by using a toggle switch to change between all metal and discrimination instead of having to turn the threshold knob. All in all, this is one of my favorite detectors.


Well-known member
Appreciate the tips, Picketwire. Bought this from a friend and it has the 10x5 standard coil, plus a Mars Tiger (10x13”) and Fisher 5” dd. I have an XP Orx as primary detector and I don’t expect the f19 to outperform it, but I think it will be an effective alternative for sure.


Well-known member
I have both the F19 (2014 serial) and G2+ (late 2020 serial). I have found more good stuff with my F19 than any detector I have ever owned. I prefer my Nokta CoRe for old silver coins but when one wants to find a little bit of everything, either the F19 or G2+ are hard to beat (I've had the F5, Omega, F44, Whites MX7, Minelab XTerra 705 and a few more). Essentially I find their "lingo" super easy to understand. It alerts you if there is something in the ground not when there is nothing. No false signals, fast response, good ID at depth, practically impervious to EMI and ground balances well on almost any type of ground. As Picketwire mentioned, it can cherry pick quite easily if someone wants to quickly scout an area for potential. I set v-break at whatever conductive number I want to cancel and everything below that will sound as a very low grunt. Copper and silver will sound like the normal "duck" sound the F19 and G2+ make. The only thing I don't like is that detection depth really suffers when a 5" round coil is used. In heavy trash, a small coil is the only way to go and unfortunately in my ground I can't get anything past about 3 inches with that coil. Any 5 X 10 is already much better than Fisher Gold Bug 5" round DD but to get 5-6+ inches of depth in my ground, the 7 X 11 DD from the G2+ or Fisher F5 is needed. For trashy areas I like to use the MGC 5 X 10.


Well-known member
I expect to keep the 5x10 on most of the time and use the 10x13 on fields and big open areas. I’ll have to see how deep the 5” goes in my soil. I also have a 5” for my t2 and I heard that combo isn’t so depth constrained. The elliptical coil of my Orx goes quite deep so that’s why it’s all about having choices.