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Few nickels


Active member
Got out for about 40 minutes at the parkway near me. Noticed some sidewalk was ripped up, found nothin there. However the grassy area coughed up some nice nickels quick. The war was a solid 62, the V a solid 63, Buffalo bouncing in nickel range. Deus 2, general mode, 5 tones, reactivety 2.5
War was about 3 inches, V about 4 inches, buffalo about 6 inches.


  • IMG_20220810_200057.jpg
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Well-known member
Trifecta of nickeldom. I love it!!!!!


Active member
I'm surprised you didn't find more silver in that area with all those old nickels?
Still in 40 minutes that's some great detecting.
Those sidewalk tear ups often give up some goodies, I'm always on the lookout for them.
A few years back i found a shallow barber dime here. Sidewalk area was a nothing but the parkway grass area had the nickels. Have previously a few bucks in change here, and some unfired 40 cal bullets. Thinking of heading over now have some time


Active member
Went back again, 50 cents or so nothing great, drat. Wandered across the street toward Lake Nokomis, spent a few hours hunting. So obvious the high vdis have all been plucked. But dang i got 11 more nickels in 2 hours. In clean areas i used reactivety .5, got a nickel at 7 to 8 inches ringing in 59 to 61 vdi, trash filled home plate area had to use 3 reactivety and deus was pinging the nickels good in the trash. Such a pure tone, like a keyboard note. Those rolled up beaver tails really sound like a deep faint nickel, have found no way to screen them out. Also found a rare mutant double bottle cap. I think ive dug 200+ nickels this year, wondering where my gold is, lol.


  • IMG_20220812_195238.jpg
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Active member
Wandered over to the west side of Lake Nokomis, finding again mostly nickels as other stuff has been cherry picked long ago. Found the buffalo in an area that in some years is swampy, but we had some drought here lately. Rifle shell rang 91 one way and 88 the other, .223? Wonder how that got there, find lots of handgun rounds but not many rifle. Buffalo is 1937. Found 1 jeff at about 9 inches, still singing a clear nickel tone and id.


  • IMG_20220814_192345.jpg
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Active member
Hit another today, west of lake, swampy meadow. I could see cattails had been moved a bit deeper. Made a pass near them; 1926 buffalo was hitting 64 so almost passed was about 7 inches down, next memorial penny about 8 inches down, next merc dime about 3 inches down????? Next 43 war nickel 7 inches right in the middle of thistles regrowing from the mow. Coins have swamp rot yellow and black staining. Dug lots of trash too, actually mostly trash on this outing.

Merc was hitting 93 pretty solid. Using general mode, reactivity .5 trying to get deep


  • IMG_20220815_204215.jpg
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