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First outing, a couple questions.


Well-known member
Made first venture out onto the grass. Very first hit ended up a small pin about 6-7” deep, at least it wasnt a pull tab!!!!
Started towards the area that has constant EMI conditions and sure enough it started popping and chattering.

First thought was see if the automatic frequency shift would work. Nope, I could not get it to function. Thought turn it off and try again. Nope, would not turn off. Thought get out of there and once quiet again everything went back to working normal. All channels were quiet now so picked 7 as halfway and headed back in, same problem. Any ideas?

Went to a different area where we know its quiet and no further problems. Dug two nickels about 7-8” deep, a clad dimd at 5” and a Memorial penny at 3-4”. Now second question……
Depth meter showed deep on all coins. FerroMeter reacted correctly on the dime and penny but no reading on the nickels. Sensitivity was at 25 and nickels were a bit faint but solid 22 numbers.

I know its my first time out but just wondering if this is normal. And yes I dug a bunch of pulltabs too!!! Was I disappointed I didn’t get more coins? No. We knew going in there just wasn’t a lot of goodies left out there!


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Well-known member
Congratulations Mr. Ron! you exceeded a zinc lincoln!! 😂😂
Does the Legend have manual frequency shift? If so, I wonder if this would of been any help?


Well-known member
You can go single freq on any of the 5 freqs but not seeing shift other than SMF. Need to look that one up specifically……
Reduced Sensitivity but I was getting way down to 5 and below and that just wasnt working for I needed.


Well-known member
According to the manual freq shift can be done in any mode. I need to go back and see if running in 4 khz runs quiet. Meanwhile updating to .07 later today….. need to see if EMI still does not allow detector to turn off manually.

jim tn

Well-known member
Ron, I think a higher frequency mitigates emi more so then lower. Like maybe 15, 20 and higher. But I think I was wrong once, too. HH jim tn


Well-known member
Going by what their manual suggests, I have no idea as this is my first SMF machine. Cant get up to that spot until after 5:00 due to parking enforcement during the week.


Well-known member
Here's a little story about EMI and what my brother and myself encountered last year. We were metal detecting some old carriage roads out in the middle of nowhere , there were old homesteads and cellars along these roads. We came to an area that looked like an old road or at least thats what we thought at first. The land was cleared and the area wasnt overgrown with trees but it looked like maybe an old logging road a little wider than your average roadway. I was using the Equinox 800 and my brother had my AT Max . When we got to that particular area both machines became unstable , I was able to quite down the 800 because of multi frequency noise cancel (and lowering the sensitivity). The Max on the other hand was unusable , I had put the 4 in. sniper coil on it as well. The EMI was so strong in that area it literally drained the RNB battery in the Max. Man was my brother frazzled . To make a long story short , as we were headed out of the area I was more perceptive of the layout of the land and noticed how it looked more and more like a wide swath of land cleared at one point in time . But why ? and for what ? As I ventured off the carriage road toward the swath I noticed a tag on a small pole. It was from AT&T America Telegraph and telephone. After some later research I found out that back in the early seventies they buried hundreds if not thousands of strands of telephone wires and I imagine some cables as well. We are not talking smooth terrain by any means , here in MA in some of the most challenging ground conditions. We will be returning to the area in few weeks , but now we know what to look out for and steer clear of. That same day on our way out my brother found 3 colonial copper coins inside of a collapsed chimney stack with his Garrett carrot. The finds helped to defrazzle him. This may not be the case for you , but it was an eye opener for us.

Gord (Tecumseh)

Active member
When my machine gets noisy, I try to run through a ground balance and a noise cancellation. This usually quiets the detector. I noticed when I posted that the post above mine also went through noise cancellation. Still learning the machine a little at a time but am trying to add different actions to quiet the detector, including frequency changes and changes to the sensitivity.


Well-known member
Had my machine a few years now, and I am still learning some tweaks and whatnots.. The ground can change dramatically from place to place , what worked 2 miles ago may not work anymore.
I like a good challenge. HH