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Well-known member
Got my g2+ couple days ago and I think it’s quite nice. In mail parcel locker is the NEL sharpshooter coil I got at a sweet price used on eBay. Will still give the 11x7 a fair try and especially for open fields. With shaft separated into two equal sections it fits neatly in a tennis racket bag. Ordered a 90 degree right angle headphone jack so it doesn’t stick 2” straight out the side which is awkward. Also ordered a pair of lightweight 32 ohm on ear phones. I only use on ear cause in woods I can’t be unable to hear surrounding sounds for safety reasons. Setup will be 100 gain, 0 disc, volume 13
V-break on 39, no notch. Will be cold this Saturday but the ground won’t be frozen yet in woods so I’ll take it for a spin. Oh yeah, also ordered a controller cover as if I don’t I’m sure the LCD screen will get a scratch. Have high hopes for this baby.
How are you liking this machine? Definitely keep the 11x7 around for some use. It’s a goody. It will get mid/low conductors at 9-10” with smooth quiet audio. I love weak and repeatable targets on these machines. Gets the blood pumpin.


Well-known member
As much as I liked the g2 I impulsively sold it getting back most of my$. Regretted it though. Presently, I may be getting a used f19 cause I do like the general f19/g2+ format a lot for my type of detecting. I like simple, efficient machines. I also prefer the 10x5 elliptical coil, and the f19 I may get also comes with the 5” dd and a 10 x 13 which adds considerable capability. Also great that there’s no recharging to be hassled with. Just keep a spare 9 volt taped to the shaft and you’ll always be ready for Swinging.


Well-known member
I feel very comfortable with the f19. The 10x13 coil is not at all heavy. I did think it beneficial to add a piece of lead I found to the top end for counterbalance. The 10x13 has pretty good depth. Found a copper spoon at about a foot. Haven’t tried the 5” coil yet. The 10x5 is great all around coil. F19 is one machine I intend to keep. Effective relic detector for sure.


Active member
The Nel Snake/Cors Shrew is also an outstanding coil for the f19. It is very "sharp" at the tip like the 10x5. Take a hacksaw blade and put a quarter ⅛ inch from the middle on your side of the blade. Swing the coil over the quarter starting at the tip and moving forward until the signal disappears. Go to the other side and do the same. You will see the heel is pretty "sharp" too. If yours is like mine you will even get the correct VID until the tip is over the blade. I have other detectors and multiple coils including ones that according to at least one expert are better than the F19 but the only one that can duplicate this is the Gold Bug with the same coil! All can tell me something is there. The F19/Gold Bug can tell me what.