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Heavy Metals...

The Lost Ring

Well-known member
What I found on my last few dives. Lots of garbage, steel, silver, gold, coins.


  • CCA61CA0-0FFA-4679-B94A-E8BE5DBF93F5.jpeg
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  • 0C102CAC-F5FB-4FBF-94D5-CCC4497A4484.jpeg
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  • BE6D2932-A244-4496-B03D-F5B1769123E2.jpeg
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  • 09E61CE2-D92B-41C7-9497-CA7CE847AAC3.jpeg
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  • AA8FB739-0BC8-4DB7-92B4-949485C853D2.jpeg
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  • E6BA86FA-A372-4321-8BA5-1A85A0BEE9E0.jpeg
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The Lost Ring

Well-known member
Others pics. Include Golds, Silvers, Platin and Tungsten Carbide. 😁


  • B97E2D76-CFF4-4AB7-A802-F90359DC12E0.jpeg
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  • 54FA9F24-C4DE-45A0-98BB-A456C2377E52.jpeg
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  • 9D529545-310E-4758-8385-5F7FB52C35D7.jpeg
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  • AA9ECF95-D0CB-4283-B037-0DB06587735E.jpeg
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  • F7172884-18C6-4690-A32B-DD4EF808DCDB.jpeg
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The Lost Ring

Well-known member
Glad you take the trash with you as well , Helps you for the next time you go out. Gold rings ? HH

You posted as I was typing ... Nice job on the rings..

I'm trying to collect all the metal or non-metal garbage in the sea. In particular, I forward the battery waste to the disposal facility. I melt the lead sinkers and pour it into molds as diving weights and give it to my friends.

The Lost Ring

Well-known member
Thats great.. I didn't realize you were doing saltwater dives. Never did any real diving . Have done some water detecting salt/fresh shallow stuff. Glad to hear that you recycle the batter waste and also reusing the lead for diving weights ( smart idea) .. HH
Again thanks. The laws in my country are very strict. Land hunting is prohibited or too much procedure and costly. There are good reasons for this, but we should be able to hunt at a depth of at least 10-30 cm. That's why underwater hunting is done more often. Actually, this is not legal. Yet we try. There are historical finds that are 12 thousand years old and older in our country's geography and there is smuggling in this regard.


Well-known member
Its still pushing 100 degrees here and too damned hot to be out, none the less I had a heat stroke looking at all your pics so stop it 😂
That would be a fun time but I would have to forget its shark week……..

Mark kus

Well-known member
Nice finds I’ve been water hunting and boy in the saltwater and the amount of lead I’m finding is incredible and brass screws copper but lots of coins in the mix silver and iron!