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How much beans does your wife allow you to eat? :lol: ...................

Wayne in BC

New member
i made a huge pot of beans with molasses and lots of Pork last night. A combination of Navy and Kidney beans simmered for hours and now we will enjoy them, the kids are coming over today so we figured mom and dad farting and giggling would entertain them some, heck it used to when they were little :biggrin:
Maybe i should have used Anasazi beans they are said to be 75% less gas producing. If anybody has a good "bean pot" recipe how about telling us? I would assume that Fred may be able to help with advice if any of you are not allowed to eat too much beans:devil:


Staff member


New member
At the fairs here in the fall, I like trying out the different bean recipes. Some real hot, some just great tasting, all very good.

The rest of the year I like them in chillies.......



New member
I've been cut back to weiner water soup. If we're feeling pretty flush, Carol will sometimes let me have a piece of the weiner. The only beans around here are in a jar by our bed.
Now before you ask...........we took my father-in-law's advice and put a bean in the jar everytime we had sex in our first year of marriage. Then after that year we were to take
out one bean every time we had sex and see how much longer it took to empty the jar (no need to explain this bit, right fells?). In fifteen years of wedded bliss I've almost got enoiugh
beans back for a bowl of chili. :rage: So you know what you can do with your damn beans! :hot:


OK, here you go!

3 or 4 cups Anasazi beans sorted and washed.
1 large yellow onion
1 /2 cup of fresh roasted diced New Mexico Hatch Green Chilli (add after pressuring beans)
1 clove garlic.
1 or 2 cans Mexican stewed tomatoes after pressure.
Salt and pepper to taste.
1 or 2😉 lbs of fresh venison or Elk burger again add after pressuring beans can be pre cooked to taste.
Add dry or soak overnight if you don’t have a pressure cooker or an Instapot.
beans, onion, garlic clove salt, pepper.
Cool for 45 min @ 15 lbs pressure.
Add meat Chile Stewed Tomatoes. Cook with lid off for another 30 min on low stir occasionally. Enjoy!
Also fix some damn cornbread to go with it!


Well-known member
The turn around time on some of these threads is amazing……..😂


Well-known member
Geez, now we get Dad jokes from the Moderator😵‍💫
Ya do know if its not an Idaho potato is just a Commentator, right???????


WARNING WARNING !!! DO NOT EAT more then 239 at one setting. If you eat more then 239 they will be 2 FARTY LOL