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How to Determine depth with XP Deus


New member
I have been searching for articles videos on depth of items with XP Deus.
I would appreciate comments.

Nuke em

The Deus is able to find a standard sized coin at around 10 to 12 inches in ground , i go by sound . If fairly quiet then its deep and if its a double beep each time you sweep then its within 2 to 3 inches.
Just use the coil to go round the target and if the coil reaches the target then you will know the size then if shallow it will double beep or if deep then signal beep .

In any case dont waste time worrying about it , just dig it out and move to the next target. :thumbup:


New member
If the Deus picks up a good signal or infact any detector i just dig it out,if its a whisper good signal to me this would indicate either a deepish target or a small target,it still is coming out as i dont want to miss anything.Coin orientation in the ground could also give a unusual depth indication signal as well.

I do have a full Deus setup but only ever use the control box for setting the machine up,its all about the audio with the Deus,not 100% sure if this applies to the Deus or not but i guess it must do as well,but on amy other non branded XP machines the basic depth indicators and they are basic really,that the stock coil that comes with the machine is the most accurate one,if you start changing coils over to either factory ones or non branded ones the depth indication will then be out of calibration by in some cases many inches.But if you still use the depth indication of a machine after the coil has been changed over you get a rough indication on how much it is out after doing a few quick tests.

An example that say a stcok coil on a machine is accurate on a specif coil at say 6'' if you use another coil it could still show say the 6'' but infact could be slightly deeper or also it could be shallower.

As i am UK based we have a wide spectrum of coin sizes and some can be very deep even below what the TID will indicate but the reliable audio signal will still give a signal far better than any depth indicator will ever give.

This is why is dont use a screen just go by the audio not on just the Deus but any machine.


New member
Can I say the above comments are very correct and full of common sense, this guy knows what HE is talking about ,trust his experience ONEILL


New member
I have been reading and viewing videos on the XP Deus. I'm understanding depth with sound settings.
Changing coils on Deus I feel is better. You set up each new coil with it's own program so the processer relates to the change.
Surely is quick and fast to change coils and can use without the handle attached.
Excellent with processor in coil I feel.
Quicker response to remote. That's my feelings for one day learning on Deus.


New member
dont think you can with any degree of accuracy IMO


New member
If the horseshoe shows half i dig about a 5"-6" deep plug, if it's barely showing a sliver of black i dig about a 10" deep plug. The target is 98% of the time in the plug. HH


New member
Dear XP DEUS engineer and designer, please put an "inch" indicator on your machine,,, Its a nice machine but need something like that on it.


New member


New member
If Garrett 1500and 2500 can do it, Deus ought to be able to do it, along with sizing. Why couldn't XP do it? Both features would be beneficial.


Active member
One way to get an idea how deep it would go in your ground is to have a test garden. Bury coins from 6"-14". See what it picks up and try different coils if you have.


Well-known member
I use the hf 9x5 coil and I have been totally amazed at what this coil has done. I have had a repeatable tiny hi tone, no vdi, nothing on the display. I called another person over with a 11 inch coil and they could not hear it. I dug down with my hand shovel until I hit a new type of hard dirt and stopped, where my mi-6 pin pointer totally fit in the whole. I covered up the hole and put a small branch on it. I then went back to the truck and got a bigger shovel, went back and re-dug the hole. About a inch into the harder dirt I found a smashed aluminum can that I was chasing. I put my mi-6 pin pointer back into the hole and the hole was deep enough to completely accept my pin pointer into the hole.
I believe the mi-6 pin pointer is about 10 inches and it was completely in the hole. I believe this target was over 10 inches deep !

Wild Willy

Well-known member
I've had many detectors over the last 50 years and I don't remember paying much attention to the depth indicator. In the fields around here there are many iron and non iron hits that all sound good. If it sounds good and has a decent VDI I dig it. My ears are about shot which doesn't help much so I just dig a small hole and expand out and down or vice versa. It's quicker than it sounds.


My understanding of the depth meter on most, if not all, metal detectors is that they are calibrated to a specific coin size by the manufacturer. If your target is smaller than that coin, it will read as deeper than it really is. And visa-versa. So, on pretty much all detectors with a depth meter, you are only getting a rough approximation of the target depth. On really small targets, the depth meter is worthless. I have dug deep holes in the past only to figure out that my target was a bb on the surface, simply because I put all my faith in my depth meter (doh!).

Learn the sounds of your Deus, and you will have a pretty good idea of the depth of most targets without even looking at the screen. You can only learn that through direct experience. Remember the sound and volume of each target, and how deep it was. You will pick up the patterns over time. No free rides, unfortunately. Put in the work and enjoy the “paycheck”!