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Last hunt with F75

Found a nice brooch and my second ever 2 cent piece. I still cant put my F75 down.


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Well-known member
The 2 Cent Piece is a great coin to find. Every one that I've found hits at 68 on the VDI scale. Do you remember what number yours hit at ?

rick in mi

Well-known member
Never found one. Nice digging man. I'm still rocking the F75 myself. Except now with 3" of snow hovering around the 20s lol... hhricknmi


Well-known member
Haven’t had mine fired up for awhile, need to……… I started hitting 925 rings first days out.
The 2 Cent Piece is a great coin to find. Every one that I've found hits at 68 on the VDI scale. Do you remember what number yours hit at ?
Im not too sure. It may have got to 68. I remember I was thinking zinc or Indian head much more so than copper coin or dime. The alloy must be different in these coins. They seem to hold up better than other coppers and turn really green.


Well-known member
I've never owned an F75, but I had the Fisher 1265 some years ago. I've never heard of anything but positive reviews on the F75. Folks that use them seem to really like them and do well with them. I have always heard that they are a good detector for both Relic hunting and coin shooting. I've been tempted more than once to pull the trigger on one, but I haven't as of yet. I'm still using the Minelab Safari and really like it, although the weight is about the only drawback.


Well-known member
The F75 is the best Fisher I have ever used, wish I would have kept it. I have tried a lot of detectors in my 50 years of detecting and for a Fisher the only one that impressed me was the F-75.
I seen the 75 pick up with the 5X7 (came with the pro pac) get pick up good targets my buddie with the Explorer missed at a construction site that the sidewalks where tore up. Could be he was using the stock coil (10 inch).
the area he just went over on the curb I got a 1876 IH penny, a 1873 Canadian fishscale and a Diamond wedding ring with the old style cut I was told at the jewelry store all in 10-15 feet.
off all the detectors some have been very impressive and some not that great and I feel is how well you know your detector for how you use it. The only way to know is to try one and get to know it and not try it out for a day or less and say it is no good.
The one I thought I mad a big mistake was the Sovereign XS, but after I got to know it was the best I have seen for me, but that is me and my type of hunting.
The thing is get a detector and get to know it by using it as there is no magic one out there, your setting may work for you and will not work for someone in a different area. Too many I feel want to use someone else setting and being they dont do that good and bash the detector.
Sorry I get carried away and get long winded as this hobby gets that way.


jim tn

Well-known member
I can't say enough good things about the F 75; it was my main swing for near a decade and a half. Un-fortunately, imo, when Fisher installed DST, whether on or off, it became just another good detector. The boost mode did seem to work, but feel it took some depth away from the other modes. But regardless, no question in my experience with all versions that the initial run, the camo version, was the deepest and by a decent margin. Some never could handle it's "sparkyness" and it's occasional emi issues, but for me it really was the best treasure finding detector I've had in my hands throughout my fifty plus years with the hobby. I still have one; and when I took the batteries out and set it in the corner, I felt like I was not being loyal to a close friend, but I believe it understands. HH jim tn


Well-known member
Do they exist anymore they were selling patriot for 180 with 10 dd coil . The coil used to sell for 135. Kinda funny. Same as f70
I like my F75 with DST better. Runs smooth and performs great. The All metal mode is too quiet now on deeper targets is the only issue. I have a camo F75 that I bought just to use the all metal mode again but it doesnt get out much. I think the main reasons I still swing an F75 are the simplicity, ergonomics, and the batteries last forever. If I'm not using the F75 I use an F19 most of the time. It isnt really a coin machine but It loves relics nickel to zinc range.