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Minelab Sovereign XS


Hello from down under in New Zealand,
Could someone please advise if the coil could be potentially damaged if it has been submerged in water for a period of time.
I'm asking on behalf of a friend who had his house flooded in Australia. It was leaning against a wall so I understand that the control box was above the water level but he is concerned about the coil.
If anyone can advise or suggest any sort of testing we would be most grateful.


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Hopefully others will chime in on this, but if the coil is the BBS coil and if the cable is not cracked, it should be OK.
If it has the white Coin Search coil, it may be damaged as I think that coil is only water resistant and cannot be submerged.
Hopefully others will correct or confirm this statement.
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I agree with fwcrawford ,but all may not be lost .I had a Coin Search coil,At the time I did not know it was only water resistant I used it for water hunting induing salt water for six years no problem ,just put the Sovereign control box in my waders and go.Maybe things will be ok .

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Yes the coinsearch coil is not waterproof, but water resistant unless the coil is cracked or the cable is cracked. letting in water that will short it out. Now some do or used to have a good coil and would seal where the cable go into coil itself and have no problem in water, but if the water got into the coil it would short out like any electronic device would. I even heard of some it did short out or get eradic and left it dry out and worked OK and made sure it was sealed after that.
Mine I had on my XS would act up a little in wet grass at times and found out some water would get between the coil cover and coil, so I sealed it with silicon and took care of that so no water or dirt would get in between them.
The original Sovereign and the XS came with the 8 inch coinsearch coil and a white solid coil and when the XS2 came out they had the black BBS open coil that were waterproof as they were the same coils used on the Excalibur .
If the coil was the only thing in water and was a coinsearch coil I would let it dry out a bit and then shake it to see if you feel or hear water sloshing around, if not I would turn the XS on and see how it works and with a little luck it will work like it did before.

Good Luck
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