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My Fat Head and Nokta Makro Green Edition Headphones


Active member
My Fat Head and Nokta Makro Green Edition Headphones

Ok, so my question is: What if the headphones fully extended barely reach down to covering my ears, hat or no hat?
Also the maxed internal volume to the Green Wireless headset is not enough for my hearing loss.

What then?
I am thinking to buy the Nokta Makro Extender and using my Sunray Gold headphones which fit perfectly.
I am wondering if the Nokta-Makro EZ Wander will allow the same pairing of Pulse Dive Pointer to Headset??

Or, am I just not seeing how to extend the Nokta Headphones clicking extension?

Your thoughts and suggestions please.



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Active member
EZ Wander is a great way to go to be able to use whatever headset you would like. I use the :

XP Deus Metal Detector Wired Backphone Headphone w/ Volume Control
They sound great and are only 14 bucks!



Active member
OK, so I finally got around to using the EZ Wander and there is no noticeable volume increase while attached to my Sunray Pro Golds.
This is with Sunray switch on no volume quashing and individual headphones set to maximum volume.
I am usually running the Simplex in 4 to 5 bars of sensitivity.
I have tried maxing the sensitivity to 7 bars as well and still no real volume.
So I am now wondering if there is no way past the limitations of volume when using Simplex wireless options.
BTW: I have a wired headphones adapter arriving in a few days and it now looks like I am going to be wired if I want to hear anything.
I am so damned flummoxed after expecting to run wirelessly and it became a no go.
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Active member
Still problems with the volume.
OK, so I used my Simplex for the first time with the adapter and my wired Sunray Pro Gold headphones.
I went to a local park with tons of targets and only found 5 coins and 9 junk targets in 2-hours of detecting.
I tried all kinds of adjustments and programs i.e. Park1, Park2, Field, and all metal just to see what the audio volume was.
It seems that in the park settings the volume is severely damped down.
I can get some decent input only by cranking the Sunray's to just under max volume i.e. 92% or better, with sensitivity at full 7 bars.
Under normal conditions with my Tesoro Bandido uMax the 90% volume setting would blow the top of my head off.
What gives?
Is it possible that the audio i/o circuitry is faulty or that I have something maladjusted?
Later today I am going to do a system reset to see if that makes a difference.



Active member
The weakness of the Simplex+ HAS to be the volume on either the Green Wireless Headphones or any headphones while using the EZ Wander. Even the Green Wireless headphones have little volume and are severely muffled. I have tried many different wired headphones with the EZ Wander, including Killer Bees, Gray Ghost, Cheap Garrett headphones and the XP Wired Backphones. Out of them all, the XP Backphones are the loudest, although they need more volume. I stick with the XP Wired Backphones when I am out with the Simplex+. You and I are not the only ones having this problem.


Active member
Im assuming your have the newer up date 2.77 or 2.78? They up dated the audio output
version 2.77'
When I setup with the wired Sunray PRO Gold's the H3 (highest possible setting) is just about hearable but woefully faint in any environment with external sounds.
I do the lion's share of my hunting in the heart of the city, along a busy waterfront park next to freeway exchanges and on and off ramps.
Otherwise I am in very busy and very trashy city parks or working along curb strips in older neighborhoods of town.
So being able to have some reasonable volume is a must.
I did do a factory reset that took out some preset notch settings which was not expected.
My back injuries are severely limiting my mobility now and will not get out for another week or so, weather permitting.
I live in Oregon and rain is ok; just not the barometric pressure drops and heavy storm pain in the joints :)
I no longer have my Black Widow headphones and do not want to drop that much coin, especially if the audio output from Simplex will not make any difference :(
Well my only solution to that would be to maybe try a Xp deus or Xp orx. Everyone else I know that has hearing issues says they can hear the Xp headphones just fine. Not to mention they are are featherweight machines to help with the limited mobility.