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Need some feed back on whites v31 and v3 vs. other detectors


Well-known member
For this old man I get confused with all the technology that is out there.Could use some feed back on the v31 and v3 vs. 8oo m/l Deus,and other new detectors with all the bells and whistlersThank you cjm


Active member
The White's V series and DFX in there programs they have sub programs (Like a drop box) You can mess up the detector really bad .. Heavy with the 8 double AA batteries at your elbow

Equinox 600 / 800 the both search the same freq in multi .. 600 you just do not have the 20 & 40 selectable freq
800 is just able to fine tune it .. If you are into pushing buttons

XP DEUS is a very light and fast alot of programs .. I detect in 1 Basic enough power seems to sepparate those dang bottle caps better they VDI / sound the same as a quarter .. Iron or aluminum


Well-known member
For this old man I get confused with all the technology that is out there.Could use some feed back on the v31 and v3 vs. 8oo m/l Deus,and other new detectors with all the bells and whistlersThank you cjm
In most part the statement pretty much answers itself. The main reason many did not like the White's Spectra V3i and was quick to get rid of it was simply because of the arduous learning curve?
Admittedly, there is a learning curve. And your statement "[v]s. 8oo m/l Deus,and other new detectors with all the bells and whistlers" Supports this response.
All metal detectors considered herein have much to learn? Some of the new detectors appear to require a ph d degree to operate.
In a brief summary I fail to understand how one could be a turn on and go machine over the other?
I own (2) two of the metal detectors mentioned. I will never sell my White's Spectra V3i.
This is a copy and paste from the White's Spectra V3i manual.
Spectra V3i is the first production frequency domain metal detector to simultaneously use more than 2 frequencies. It is also the first multi-frequency detector to offer optimized single frequency modes. And V3i is the first to display the target phase response independently for each frequency. White’s will continue to be a leading innovator in metal detection technology, and instead of misleading claims, we’ll tell you what we are really doing
The V3i will show in a beautiful colored graph the individual freq./kHz it is scanning in. Likewise, in the pinpoint mode it will indicate the freq./kHz.
Are there any other metal detectors on the market today that will scan in multiple freq./kHz? And display simultaneously on a graph?
In my opinion the others leave the operator to simply guess?

(c/p) This is where a multi-frequency detector such as the Spectra V3i really shines. V3i transmits at 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, and 22.5kHz, making it simultaneously “hot” on silver, relics, and gold.
My research reveals the V3i is a VLF metal detector like most.
The build quality with the V3i is second to none.
With a multi-freq. metal detector that does not provide the frequency, however, it is operating in multiple freq./kHz would cause me to believe it is 'chatty' when in fact it could only be responding to multi-freq.? ? ?
The V3i has one feature for gold prospecting that should be very helpful, however, I have only noticed one person use that program.
(c/p) Prospecting Scan provides a scrolling graph making ground changes obvious. By monitoring these changes, increasing ground mineralization can be easily located. Increased ground minerals are more likely to contain precious metals (like gold).
I have observed several agree the V3i is the only metal detector that 'teaches' metal detecting more than any other.
With all that being said in my opinion no matter what a person uses: Learn that machine!
C.J.M. I hope this helps.


Semper fidelis


Well-known member
Well I have to say I owned a White's DFX years ago and I found lots with it more than any other I have owned since now with all the hype and only hype I moved to Minelab Etrac now I can't tell you if one is better than the other because they both found treasure but I can tell you that my whites DFX has found lots more if whites hadn't gone out as a company I would have a White's V3i 😉


Well-known member
waiting for the legend, however if a v3i suddenly appears that i can afford i will buy it. ive owned 3 of them and have over the years bought and sold many detectors. I now have a mxt pro which i just got about a month ago, and an anfibio.


I had a V3i and at the same time I still owned a Whites MX5. I would compare targets between the V3i and the MX5 and the MX5 was lighter and didn't eat batteries and performed just as well with a slight sacrifice in depth on the stock coil. Both machines did terrible with EMI though. There were houses I just plain couldn't run either machine. It's a real shame Whites couldn't release a lighter modern version of the V3i they would still be in business. Before I sold mine I was trying to design a waterproof carbon fiber control box and then they went out of business and I decided against it. Also my personal opinion but Whites had the best coin tones of all the machines I have used. The learning curve on the V3i can be as complex or easy as you like, but more often then not it left me guessing as to which program I should be running at a location. I'm partial to simple and that is why I like the Deus I now run almost exclusively Deus Fast in 95% of most settings and don't feel like I'm missing anything.

Blind Squirrel

Well-known member
For this old man I get confused with all the technology that is out there.Could use some feed back on the v31 and v3 vs. 8oo m/l Deus,and other new detectors with all the bells and whistlersThank you cjm
While I've never used a Minelab or a Deus, I have used several White's detectors and specifically the V3i. Yes, on the V3i, there are a lot of adjustments and "bells & whistles" that CAN be tinkered with. But for actual performance, there are only a handful that actually affect the performance. From my experience they are: Discrimination ( what VDI's you are accepting or rejecting) , Sensitivity, Recovery Delay, Filters. If you have or are contemplating the purchase of a V3i, the first thing that I would suggest is placing those adjustments on the bottom of your screen, which make easy, fast in the field adjustments possible. Yes, the V3i is a bit on the heavy side and can be tough on these old shoulders and arms. I've addressed that with a "swingy thingy" which reduces the stress and weight of the detector to that of a feather. Best of luck and...
Happy Hunting!
Blind Squirrel


Well-known member
I have owned and still own a lot of machines. I’ve tried several v3i machines but just too many adjustments,I was lost. Bought a vx3 and it’s really a user friendly V3i,to me anyway. I like it. I also have a mx5 which I’ll take over a vx3 or any whites..
I’ve seen this hobbie turn into a pissing match over the last 5 years, which machine outdoes what and where,etc...I look at the features of a machine and what’s important to me.. Backlight,notch, I like a trigger pinpoint,things like that..No matter what machine I use I’m gonna find stuff,I’m never getting rich or expect to be from my finds..I enjoy the hobbie and I buy what suites me best,not what’s new or gets a inch deeper...Although I do try newer tech I rarely hang onto them because most just don’t have the features I like...I’m glad to see you looking at the whites, imo get the vx3 and you’ll not get overwhelmed and still have the great high definition color screen of the v3i and lots of cool adjustments.