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New little buddy


Well-known member
Well the first time I saw it I about freaked out. I sit outside on the back porch at night time talking on the phone etc.

We have a few cats too so hearing little rustling sounds here and there and the cat food crunching was no big deal until I noticed a large stripe pattern in the dark.
When I turned the light on it about made me jump out of my skin.

And the critter just walks by me and the other cats like no big deal and the cats don't seem to mind either.

No telling how many times it did this around me not knowing it was there.


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Well-known member
I had The Same Thing... ONCE.... I knew there was an opossum hitting the leftovers at night... cause I came home late one time and caught him runnin off the porch... Then one Night... I was Awakened... As If I were Being Summoned By Death Himself... I'm guessin the Feral Stripped Kitty was skrumping for food.... And lucky the opossum riled him... I was very glad nobody came to visit that week... But the cat dish went out to the edge of the yard after that.... And not one dar n Cat was Involved... They didn't stink or nuthin.. :blink:
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Well-known member
We get a few “p-ews” around here about harvest time. Amazing how fast one can close up all the windows when motivated.


Well-known member
One day while playing disc golf, I saw a skunk walking along the creek parallel to where the basket was. I started walking along parallel with it, not looking at it directly except to take some pictures. I kept walking closer and acting like I was ignoring it. When I was about 15 feet from it or so, I looked over to take a picture and it was facing me with its bottom pointed my way, a little white cross at the business end. I didn't take me long to forget about picture taking and head the other way. It kind of reminded me of Sylvester the cartoon cat walking around the corner of a privacy fence and coming face to face with the bulldog! I do wish I had gotten a picture of it like that but my feet wouldn't stay to do it.


Well-known member
One night I turned onto a gravel road and there was a skunk walking down the center. I was staying back say 20' but trying to get it to move off the road when it stopped, looked back at me and raised its tail. Yeah, I hit the brakes HARD. No other animal under 500 lbs could of made me do that.

Old Longhair

Crazy Ol' Foole
Staff member
Ex-wife #1 was camping one time, and had a cat rubbing against her leg while she sat in a chair next to the fire. She was about to reach down to pet it but looked first and discovered that it was indeed a cat.......a polecat.
She just ignored it and eventually it wandered off.


In my younger days I was taking a date to a parking place on the way saw a skunk walking down the side of road . I then pulled the dumbest stunt possible I swerved towards it. It sprayed my front tire . Nothing ruins a date faster than fresh skunk.


Well-known member
We were collecting some scent from one we trapped to make lure. Used a hyperdemic needle to extract it then put it in a plastic jar. It ate through the plastic! Up close the scent is so much stronger than most people could imagine.


Well-known member
We had friends in Salida when I was a kid that had a descented young skunk they kept in the house. It was a very shy animal and I don't know how it worked out as it grew up. I do know one of their neighbors thought a young skunk in their back yard belonged to our friends and tried to return it. They very quickly realized it was not our neighbors' one.