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Nokta PI Detector


Well-known member
i would guess a lot less :cool:
The PI is a much simpler detector, and is not expensive to build: there is a lot of room to undercut the very high priced units. If the Whites Tdi still being made it would be the cheapest and most bang for the buck too.


  • whites-tdi-metal-detector-coin-detecting.jpg.fe1489808e070955e8aef9e64b0754a9.jpg
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Well-known member
would like to see one that can switch from pi to multi like some sort of dual purpose machine
Going from the extreme of PI depth to a VLF depth would leave the VLF depth far behind, and unable to analyze to the maximum of the capability of the PI. Because of the PI transmitter "pulsing" on and off many times a second it can operate at 10X or more the power of a VLF, with the resultant depth as the outcome. No one knows what VLF has the most power because those figures are not published. And the amount power needs to be increased to double the depth in a VLF is 64X (I think thats the figure Dave Johnson quoted.) Not only will the transmitter be more expensive but the power drain will be so great you will need a car battery on your hip. Add to that there are situations you run into where VLF's suffer greatly from depth loss, multis included. If the PI has high vs low conductors that's some help, otherwise its basically beep and dig. (I do hope I live long enough to see a very far advanced PI.) Other than the Fisher Impulse AQ the latest PI's are basically more of the same. (that detector has been out at least 3 years and is still not in production, but it sure is interesting) Maybe Nokta/Makro will be taking a hard look at something new in PI. We can always hope.


Well-known member
The Axiom is at $4000. It has Iron Check: this feature helps you audibly identify iron targets with the Axiom when using a DD searchcoil. How well this works is not known. The unit weighs in at 4.2 pounds and for a PI is considered light, but to most VLF's a bit heavy.
Steel bottle caps will typically not identify as iron, nor will very small and deep iron targets.


Active member
Vlad, while looking at the Garrett website and at the Axiom's weight (4.2 lbs.), it would be a plus if they configured it to have a chest and/or hip mount just as White's did with their big box TDI's.



Well-known member
Looking forward to the PI Nokta comes up with. I recently picked up an Axiom and am enjoying it. I had been looking to get into the PI world of prospecting but the Minelab PI's were out of reach $$$$$. Saved for a while to get the Axiom. Nokta is known for high value detectors - keeping my eyes peeled.