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Opinion, Observation, Advice and just a reflection from over the years metal detecting.


Active member
Hi everyone,
I am definitely not a professional with this hobby by any means but have learned a lot in the last 15 years or so by observing, researching, keeping my focus and technique, trial and error, realistic expectations and to get outdoors and have fun. I would like to share my experiences with everyone out there to either help some of the new folks starting this hobby and for those who have been doing this forever. These are honest and sincere thoughts and my take on all the videos I watch, people who I observe, the marketing that’s put out there to generate sales on so many different detectors out there and the perception we get . The overall perception that we perceive would be buy the best and you will get the best results for those serious folks who want to find that diamond in the rough. This is not everyone out there , just the majority Of us.
I am an active outdoors person and fish, Hunt, camp and just have quite a few hobbies. I hunted for years and decided to give up gun hunting for about 20 years and focused on archery hunting instead. There is a huge difference between these two styles of hunting. you need a lot of knowledge and refined techniques in order to be successful because of limited distance to your target. To make a story short, one year my best friend bugged me to go gun hunting, I sold my rifles and only had a couple shotguns. I decided to go with him and took my shotgun, had 30 year old slugs, took and old lawn chair I had in the garage and bought a cheap $1.99 orange vest. Prior to going with him I scouted the area we were to hunt and used all my knowledge from bow hunting in this hunt. I harvested the biggest deer in my life, a 13 point deer that dressed out at 175 lbs.. i’m Sure some luck played in this hunt. The point is, I did not spend hardly any money and used my knowledge that most likely resulted in in my success.
Getting back to metal detecting and some of my observations and input to contribute to this hobby. This hobby requires a lot of focus, discipline , technique, persistence, stamina, knowledge and a positive mind set to really capitalize with your finds and be more successful. Some of the things that have helped me—I don’t hunt the beaches in the hot summer in the daylight hours, too hot and too many people, I hunt at night and only after a weekend and holiday. I see folks coming out in the morning after I just spend 8 hours hunting those spots. I am very consistent and take my time with very wide sweeps covering larger areas as opposed to someone in a hurry that looks like their golfing instead of detecting. My expectations are very low and don’t get disappointed on bad days, I look at patterns with my digs when working the shoreline and focus more on my digs which helps me narrow down the finds, If I don’t get good results after about an hour, I move to a different location, most likely someone already recently hunted that area. When you get real hot , tired and soar, take a break and to refresh. Don’t get discouraged on bad days and stay with it, you will have better days.I have learned long time ago that 95% of all the fish caught are from only about 5% of the people who fish because they know when to fish, what to use, how to use it and where to go. I would like to be that 5% instead of the 95% out there.
If you really thinks about it, it would be more cost effective to either buy the things you find instead of dishing out $50.00 or so for each trip you make in some cases . It would take you weeks or months to find $50.00 worth of clad . So why do we spend so much time, money, go through the pain and sometimes frustration doing what we do. I guess it’s in our DNA, trying to catch that big fish, shooting a trophy deer, scoring home runs or a touchdown, being the fastest runner and the list goes on and on. It’s not the find, It’s the not knowing and the hunt itself that drives us.
I know this is kind of a long story but I just felt compelled to post this after watching this one guy up in age metal detecting the same spots I just hunted on my last trip. Everything I observed him doing with his metal detector was just terrible. I did stop and talked to him to find out he was using the same detector as mine and about the same timeline detecting as me. I guess we develop bad habits and sometimes don’t realize it.on occasion, I have to catch myself doing the same thing and have to step back and re- focus.


Active member
Don’t go metal detecting if you’re negative Or angry. Stay positive and enjoy the hobby!
Hi, did not mean to sound negative, just my thoughts about this hobby. I do enjoy metal detecting and never really get mad at anything. Maybe came across in a negative way to some people , not my intention with this post, just something to think about.🙂


Active member
My 2 cents,,,,,,
Persistence is just as important as equipment but location trumps all factors.
Totally agree with persistence, I hunt same locations at different beaches, only difference at different times based on different factors, my first detector was a cheap $119.00 one and found a lot of coins and rings, could of probably done better if I spent $1000.00, My $119.00 detector paid for itself many times over, how many people can say that with their $1000.00 detectors.🤔


Well-known member
Hi, did not mean to sound negative, just my thoughts about this hobby. I do enjoy metal detecting and never really get mad at anything. Maybe came across in a negative way to some people , not my intention with this post, just something to think about.🙂
Triple-sss, I was just adding my two cents about what to do or not doin this hobby. I didn’t take your post as negative at all.


For myself metal detecting is the proverbial "Cracker Jack Box" not knowing what prize is in there (under the coil). I must admit I had a relatively bad childhood and back in the day, when I looked around at what was going on around me with the "adults" I swore I would never grow up and to some degree, I never did. Metal detecting to me is just plain ole fun. Almost better than crappie or bass fishing.....I said, almost...smiles.


Well-known member
I’ve often told friends about big game hunting, its several hours hunting followed by a split second finding and a whole bunch of hard work and time getting it out and to a point its good eating.
Same theory metal detecting but the grand prize is easier to pack out…….