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Problem with my ATPro display!

Hi Everyone, been a while since I’ve posted anything on this forum. Retired recently and will be devoting more time to this hobby. Getting ready to join a local detecting club in our county and looking forward taking this to the next level.Also will be traveling to the north west to do some prospecting.
My question is about a problem I’m having with my ATPro. When it gets hot, my display starts fogging up with these rainbow colors. When it cools down, It’s back to normal. Bought one of the original ATPro when it came out, never submerged the unit under water, just the coil. Just wandering if anyone out there might of had this kind of problem.
Thanks. Stan
PS couple picks from some recent hunts,


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Its most likely just the decal (overlay) that sticks on the face of the machine.

I have seen the rainbow effect that you are talking about in a couple of AT Pro's.

I have also seen them develop lines on the display. My own AT Pro (about 8 years old) developed a line right where the 2
main indicator numerals are, right across the center of the segments. It would go away if you pressed lightly on the display
in certain areas, but would then reappear.

I spoke with Garrett's Service Dept. about the problem and they sent me a new decal/overlay/face-plate (for free) that I could
easily replace it myself. They also sent along instructions that explain how to do it. The face-plate REALLY is just basically a stick-on
decal that overlays the face of the machine, the display, and buttons.

They also indicated that if I didn't feel comfortable doing it, I could send the machine in for inspection/repairs. I don't know
whether there would have been a charge for that, other than the cost of me shipping it to them, of course.

It's not hard. I did it successfully. Just be REAL careful lining the decal up. 'Tip - Turn the machine ON (it helps)'. Also when
cleaning the display with alcohol, after removing old decal, DO NOT use a paper towel or anything like that (they leave little fibers
that you will see after applying the new decal). Use a micro fiber cloth or terry cloth at the very least.

There is even a YouTube video on doing it if you want to watch that first. Search for "Garrett AT Pro Front Screen Replacement"

But with all that said, your machine should not get 'foggy' inside, even if the decal adhesive was getting old and separating from
the display. Any type of fog or condensation may indicate that moisture might have gotten inside the machine. The seal for the display
can develop a weak spot over time and leak if the machine is submerged. This is especially prone to happen to water hunters who take
their machines from a hot environment like a car on a hot sunny day or where the machine has been in the sun and then submerge it
(the control box/display) in the cold lake/river water. The heating and cooling causes expansion and contraction which can reveal a seal
problem or even cause one on a new seal. John wrote up a message or two about this if you search for them. Unfortunately, this typically
can mean sending the machine into Garrett for inspection and seal replacement is necessary.

Don't be alarmed though, the display seal problem does not appear to be a very common problem. The decal problem seems to happen
more often from what I see/read/experience.

I would try replacing the decal/overlay/front screen first to see if that cures the problem.

Hope this helps.....
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Thank you guys, appreciate the response. I did not realize that the unit came with a decal!
Thanks agian

It doesn't 'come' with a decal, per se.....

The faceplate you look at IS the decal. Watch that video above and you'll see how it simply peels off and you stick a new on.

Here is a pic of what they sent me.


  • AT Pro Faceplate Decal.jpg
    AT Pro Faceplate Decal.jpg
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