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Saxon sm45


Well-known member
Just joined the beep and dig community again with a saxon metal detector.They are built over here in the uk by an electronics engineer at his home address i believe.
The detector is really old school.....metal box,solid 8"coil,awesome build quality and it beeps when it goes over a metal liberating to get away from loads of programs and useless features.


New member
A good reliable workhorse is the 45,the X1 is a bit of a beast though,very similar design as the old Arado 120/130 design that has a analogue meter,i still have 2 Arado 120b machines in my arsenal,i think your move too a 45 could be a wise move,a no thrills enjoyment detector.....built like tanks as many are still going.


Well-known member
It's more of a common-sense approach than simply using a non-display detector. I've relied on, touted, and encouraged folks to use the 'Beep-DIG!' approach to success since the 1971 in the early days of BFO's and conventional TR's, and that was long before there was about a dozen years before we had Target ID displays. I am well outfitted with visual displays on my Nokta, Makro and White's models, all nine devices, and only my three Tesoro's lack any numeric VDI or other type of display. But ALL of them get used the same way. All are very simple to set up and operate; none have a lot of fluffy adjustments, and all of them are operated using a very low Discriminate setting.

The Tesoro's are all single-tone models, and my other units are single-tone or have the option of single or multiple tones, but all of them provide the same desired effect. Low Disc. and a sweep over an accepted metal target and they 'Beep'. Once they do their thing, then I do mine and that is 'DIG!' to recover the target. Plain and simple with no time wasted trying to toy around with settings or displays, just maybe a glance to see if the detector has a hint of what I am going to recover anyway.

I haven't ever handled the model you mention as I'm here in the :usaflag: and about the only foreign-made detectors we see are from XP in France, assorted Minelabs from what ever countries they have been made in [size=small](Australia, Ireland and Malaysia)[/size], and the Nokta and Makro devices from Turkey. The vast majority of the detectors we see in use here are those from USA based manufacturers, such as Fisher, Garrett, Teknetics, Tesoro and White's. [size=small](Not considering the many, many now defunct detector manufacturers who still have a few units in use.)[/size]

None of my detectors, except for my White's XLT, have a lot of adjustment functions that call for 'programming' as such, and I mainly rely on my personal custom programs that never get changed.

I hope you find this Beep-and-Dig Forum to be of interest to you because we do have quite a few active followers on here who like to keep things simple and rely on non-display, simple one-tone detectors. Best of success to you with your new detector model.



Well-known member
Cheers Monte.....looking forward to getting back to basics again,sometimes i feel that all the latest machines with their programs and all can sometimes help us miss targets rarther than find them.


Well-known member
I can't find out much on the Saxon SM45 on-line so far, such as what the operating frequency is :shrug: and it has a motion-based Discriminate mode, but does it have a traditional Threshold-based All Metal search mode, or only an All Metal Pinpoint function :shrug: and is that a static type Threshold or is it just a Zero-Disc. type of "All Metal" feature? :shrug:

I did read that there were two search coils available, a 5" and 12", and the 5" is what I'd likely use the most for hunting the dense iron contaminated sites I seem to plant myself in the most. But which is the 'standard' supplied coil? I do look forward to reading your posts on how you do with this model that fits the description I set for ALL detectors I like to use. Those that are to be:

Simple ... Functional ... and provide in-the-field Performance in tough environments.

Nauti Neil said:
[size=medium]Cheers Monte.....looking forward to getting back to basics again,sometimes i feel that all the latest machines with their programs and all can sometimes help us miss targets rarther than find them.[/size]
Through the decades of "progress" we have seen the evolvement of visual Target ID and audio Tone ID of various designs, and without a doubt there have been, and are, quite a few detectors on the market that tend to be more complex that I think they ought to be. So much so that many of them fall way short when it comes to really being an all-purpose or good general-purpose detector.

Nothing wrong with anyone having and using a more modern detector with a few features that remains 'Simple & Functional' but for 35 years as of next month I have made certain to have one or more of my favorite Tesoro models in my working detector battery and actively encourage others to add at least one good 'basic' and 'fluff-free' model to their detector group as well.

There are times I still take my good old Compass Coin Hustler TR out to have some fun, and often I will watch a few folks working their "high-tech" contraptions in an area, then I'l grab a Tesoro or White's Classic and go in and re-work the area they have spend time in, only to get that good feeling when I unearth a few 'keepers' that they have passed on because their visual display talked them out of recovering it.

Keep us posted on your new detector and how it performs for you. Best of success on your next forays afield.



Well-known member
Hi again,just to answer a couple of questions for you,i asked the builder of the machine about the frequency and his reply was "around 14khz".
There are three coils,the 5"and 12" as you said and an 8" which is the one i have on my machine.
The all metal mode is just to aid in pinpointing,although it really does'nt need it as pinpointing is accurate anyway.
I took it to my local harbour the other day as i heard this machine was also good on wet salt sand and it's been so hot here that the ground has become undiggable.The harbour is full of iron so is very difficult to detect and is a good test for any machine.I was quite shocked by the performance to be honest,totally quiet on nearly full gain,great iron discrim and still the ability to pick up small aluminium bits,even right down by the waters edge......not bad for a single frequency machine on salt sand.
The discrim is a bit of a mystery to be honest as even on the zero setting it knocks out quite large iron but still responds really well to very small silver coins.I hope to do a video soon on the harbour to demonstrate how quiet the machine is on the salt sand and how good it discrims iron,even large pieces.
I'm also hoping to get out on the fields as soon as possible although the weather forecast promises more hot sunny weather,so the ground looks set to remain too hard.A field test looks a long way off at the moment.....we need some rain.
All the best.