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Sharpening My Digger --- A How To Question


Active member
Sharpening My Digger --- A How To Question

Ok, so I like to have my Lesche Digger razor sharp when I go out to look for possibles.
My question is; what do my fellow detectorists use to keep digging tools sharp?

Due to arm, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries; and drought like ground matrix, razor sharp is the solution for me.

Currently my sharpening tool is an old Harbor Freight type 'el cheapo' bench grinder.
It works OK, but removes too much stock and does not always get the edges, or more importantly the tip, as sharp as I would like.
The Delta Sharpening Center Model 23-700 looks like the right solution for me.

Yes/No --- What are your suggestions?



Hunting with the EQ 800 and best back up ever, the Tesoro Bandido II uMax
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Mark ( ohio )

Active member
I sharpen mine one of two ways:

1) first is using a good ol'e fashion metal file.. yes it takes longer to do , but seems to hold an edge longer then the next way of doing it, which is
2) using a high speed dremel tool.. quick to do but the edge doesnt last as long.

Cheers, Mark ( ohio )


Well-known member
I cleanup with a file.
Then bring to highly polished surface.
My favorite sod cutter is a small round nose cement trowel. 6-7 inch. Edges shaped to a rounded edge and slightly dulled to not cut shin.
Again polished to a shine.
Cuts sod like butter.
I use this machine for final polishing and light shaping. Do remove the knife guides.
The larger belt sander works great on shovels and mower blades.
For us oll folks with tough nails.
Easiest nail trimming ever. 😅😁
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jim tn

Well-known member
I use a fine file. Just a few strokes on both sides of the edges, front and back and take care not to round off the tip. A grinder seems to take too much metal off and in time you will have a trowel with a blade the width of a kitchen knife. HH jim tn


Well-known member
I have been using my Lesche since 2007 and have never sharpened it.
To me the edges are sharp enough to do what I need to do, plus if someone approaches me in a park or school yard about having such a “weapon” there, I can show them that the edges are not sharp like a knife.
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