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They’re small but I’ll take ‘em.


Active member
I have been out hunting several times since my last post. Nothing special, mostly clad and trash which is my usual kind of hunt. I do have the clad count up to $197, which is about one hundred more than last year at this time. I am certain this will slow down now, as i have depleted most of my good clad areas.

I did manage to find some sterling over the course of several hunts, but they are all small. The F70 really impressed me when I found the CTR ring ( LDS for Choose the Right). When I got my coil over it, the depth meter read 5 inches. I don’t get my coil over many 5 inch targets ( my soil is very dense and rocky). But when I dug it, 5 inches was correct. It is a very small ring, good job F70!

Also found some type of military adornment, button or something but it is threaded on the back. Anybody know what the HQ stands for?

Good luck out there guys, stay safe. My wife and I were at Lowe’s today, we both wore masks. But there were many many who didn’t.


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jim tn

Well-known member
Silver of any kind is always fun. Nice ring finds. Although nothing all that special, those CTR pieces are always neat to find. Kind of like recovering a Cub or Boy Scout ring. Stay safe. HH jim tn


Active member
The silver coins seem to be avoiding me so finding silver jewelry takes some of the sting out of that. Never found a Cub Scout or Boy Scout ring, but plenty of neckerchief slides.


Active member
Good guess HQ stands for Head Quarters. That’s what i thought too. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

rick in mi

Active member
Good looking larbear!! Always enjoy finding rings. What were the numbers? hhrickinm


Active member
Religious medallion 73, CTR ring 79-80, ring with stone 68-69, last ring 69. Disc 4, DE, sens 30, thresh 6, 4H, 1 notch.

Question: You are hunting a sports field that you have hunted several times before, so targets are sparse. You come across a target that is displaying jumping numbers 55-56 and then jumps into the mid sixties 65-66. Do you stop and dig it because targets are already sparse to begin with or do you pass it up thinking that covering more ground will increase your chances of finding a better target ? To me, those numbers seem to indicate a zincoln target. Depth is about 2 inches.

Answer: I dug it. It was a clad quarter and 2 nickels, a coin spill. It didn’t seem like a big deal if I had passed it up and not dug it, just 35 cents, right? But what if the quarter had been a silver quarter? No one wants to miss silver, right ?

So I did a test at home. I put a clad quarter on the ground and two nickels just touching the quarter. Noted the results, same results as I had noted out in the field. Then I put a silver Washington quarter on the ground and put two nickels just touching the quarter. Results were pretty close for the most part, maybe a few more ‘60s numbers with the silver quarter.

Conclusion: For me, dig more iffy targets. I don’t pass up all zincolns, but if I get tired or lazy, then sometimes I do. How about you ?


Active member
You are so right, possible Indian heads and gold coins, if over a zinc target and it has some depth, better dig it. The shallow ones will test your patience and diligence, so many of them!