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What Tesoro Should I get............


Ok I used to have a Shadow X5, and liked it very much. I sold it awhile back and want to know which TESORO would compare to it. I would like it to pinpoint very well, and also I would like to use it in competition hunting. I also want to use in regular hunting. I like to hunt for old coins and some relic hunting. I would like all your opinions.



New member
The three that jump to mind are the Cibola, Vaquero, and Tejon.

Based on what your describing, the Tejon might not be your first choice because relic hunting is not high on your list.

Between the Cibola and the Vaquero, one of the principle differences is that one has manual ground balance and one does not.

If you don't need ground balancing, I'd grab the Cibola as it is also great for competition hunting due to its adjustable frequencies.

If you need to ground balance, I'd grab the Vaquero.

I'm sure you'll get lots of other opinions.


Well-known member
Tejon is the only Tesoro that can come close to the X5 in performance and versatility.


Active member
The vaq and the cibola have a faster response time than the tejon which make them better competition hunting units. I have also noticed that many people that have a cibola or vaq later upgraded to the tejon.:tesoro:


New member
There are some guys here who prefer Tejon with a 12x10 SEF or HOT over their X5. None of them does competitions AFAIK.


New member
When the Tejon and X5 first came out there was an ongoing battle(almost literally in some cases) between the two crews as to which was deeper, lighter, more this , more that etc. It really got hot on some of the forums and you have to believe the BS in some cases got pretty deep. It was lots of fun(now that it has settled down) and I dare say it would not take much to get it going again if you stirred it some. That may be some indication of the two machines compared,but can't say as to their use in competetion. They are both probably two of the most notatable machines anyone could hope to own and I am glad to have had them both. I eventually leaned to using the T more and gave my son the X5. It was a simple matter of the T being a bit more comfortable for me to swing , as the difference in performance of the 2 is pretty much the same,(for me) and I know there are those that will likely give me an "eye roll" over that statement. LOL, Have mercy y'all, I would have to argue for both sides really. HH, Charlie