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White's Spectra V3i is a 'Legend'


Active member
It undoubtedly can go deep and not trying to be critical. The machine -any machine-is only as good as it’s operator.
I just know where I hunt and my experience I was finding coins I’d missed with the V3i going over it with the Nox and more recently the Deaus.
And now the Deaus has outgunned the Nox and it has a new owner.
Hard for me to part with the V3i though!


Yep everywhere I went over with the V3I in mixed mode cranked up I’m not finding much with the ctx3030, sold the V3I, it was like selling one of my kids dug the guy who ended up with it will have some nicely configured programs to use and won’t even know what went into dialing them in heheh.


Well-known member
love mine and its little brother


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Active member
Howdy Leatherneck--
I am with you! I had the original Vision detector and then the V3i and I have NO regrets. I doubt that I will ever employ ALL of the features of this detector but I have read the manuel and regularly visited the old Findmall V3i Forum. Between that forum, the manuel and trial and error I was able to make custom programs for for each of the types of detecting that I do. So esentually the detector is a turn on and go unit. Of course, the first adjustment that I made was to place the most frequently adjusted settings on my Live Screen - Discrimination, Filters, Sensitivity, Recovery Delay, Transmit Frequency, Bottle Cap Reject, TX Boost and Search Audio. That simple action makes ANY in the field adjustment fast and easy.
As you mentioned, the "Simultaneous multi-frequency that displays adequate information" is amazing! When one learns the VDI range of desirable targets AND their corrosponding dominant frequencys the amount of trash dug is greatly reduced and that saves time to dig the goodies. Another feature that I employ , especially when relic hunting is the ability to customize the Tone ID feature. That enables one to ascribe whatever tone or no audio tone one desires for individual VDI #'s and that maximizes depth while hunting in All Metal.
Bottom line - the beauty of the V3i is that it can be customized to the specific needs and style of the user. How can you beat that? Best of luck and...
Happy Hunting!
Blind Squirrel
Not to mention the stereo headphones and an incredible customizable audio


Well-known member
Some claim many have passed the V3i; however, I have found none that provides adequate information reflecting they are 'simultaneous' on the display
indicating the freq. in scan, pinpointing, and in performing an
Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI); likewise, the V3i When a single frequency mode is selected you will also see an option called Normalized c/p By checking Normalized, all VDI’s will be noramalized (shifted) to a common frequency. That common frequency is, for historical reasons, 6.592kHz, meaning the US silver quarter will have a normalized VDI response of 83. With Normalized unchecked, V3i will report the raw VDI numbers for the frequency mode selected. There is at least one situation where this is an advantage. At 22.5kHz the lower part of the non-ferrous VDI range is expanded, resulting in more numerical separation of low-conductive targets. This can help in separating nickels and jewelry from pull tabs. VLF detectors attempt to identify targets based on their phase response. But different frequencies result in different phase responses for a given target, so the VDI scale was created to present a normalized response, such that detectors of different frequencies would have consistent outputs. That way, users don’t have to remember a lot of different response scales Ante.
c/p Discrimination can also be set to accept or reject predefined icon ranges. Icons can be user-defined to certain VDI ranges, such as a US nickel to +18 to +23 (see Chapter XX). Then, using VDI Selected By Icon, that icon range can be wholly accepted or rejected. When this method is selected, an Edit box becomes available, and each icon range is listed with a check box. Ante.
As if the V3i didn't have an arduous learning curve the fact now one must 'simply'
guess what the freq. is; ergo, the operator states 'my detector is chatty'! Imagine that!
To consider the totality of the facts: White's Spectra V3i could not possibly be outdated! (most is copied and pasted from the beautiful White's Spectra V3i manual and the advanced-user-guide).
Now that Garrett has acquired White's perhaps, they will put out a newer version of the V3i? ? ?

Semper fidelis


Active member
Garrett really should just take the V3I and water proof it in a new housing with a newer screen and call it the NEW gti 2500 replacement.
It still could compete with the big dogs out there right now.
What Garrett is offering now isn't cutting it.


Well-known member
I and many of my fellow members, and die-hard White's lovers would love to see the Garrett-White's V3i emerge victorious with an updated V3i capable of multifrequency, indicating the VDI, frequency, and Icon in true 'simultaneous' multifrequency in a beautiful, color-coded graph in scan, pinpointing, and conducting an Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) check to assist the operator in adjusting the most configurable metal detector; opposed to listening to beep, beep, beep. The V3i is a 'Legend' in its' own time, and I have not seen it down for the count! The mere essence of the wind below the wings of Patriotism is the logo: Made in the USA!

Semper fidelis
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