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Recent content by 2 Much Trash

  1. 2 Much Trash

    What Minelab up too now

    Think I’m gonna wait a few weeks for the manticore 2, Nox 700+ and 900+ or maybe the Deus 3.69 too come out before I make my decision. For now I’m just gonna keep swinging my ole T2 finding some relics and not worry about what I may have missed 🤷🏼
  2. 2 Much Trash

    Belt buckle dug in beaufort sc next to fort Fremont

    This should be it. This one pictured may be a replica
  3. 2 Much Trash

    Belt buckle dug in beaufort sc next to fort Fremont

    1851 pattern officers sword belt plate. I believe this one is circa 1900 Because of the attachments that were on the back. Nice find my brother lives on Fripp Island just outside of Beaufort
  4. 2 Much Trash

    Petticotebone eagle button question.

    Pettibone didn’t start producing buttons until 1872. Pretty button though but not civil war
  5. 2 Much Trash

    Short hunt

    Thanks reverend 👍
  6. 2 Much Trash

    Short hunt

    Don’t matter none Yank. That stuff done run out a right good while ago. 😁
  7. 2 Much Trash

    First spin with the new t2 12” coil

    Only had about an hour and a half to hunt. Went to a small Calvary camp that my buddy and me along with some other fellows have pounded over the past 5 years. The 12” coil was able to find a few things that we’ve all be missing. This coil is as light or maybe a little lighter than the stock...
  8. 2 Much Trash

    Short hunt

    Finally got out for a short hunt since last winter. Only had about an hour and a half before Thanksgiving honey dos. Mainly checking out a new coil I just got. Picked up a few relics and eyeballed a nice spearhead. Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving
  9. 2 Much Trash

    Help in IDing two finds from Culpeper Co. 2019

    An unshot bullet is .558 diameter, weight .380 grain
  10. 2 Much Trash

    Help in IDing two finds from Culpeper Co. 2019

    I think the bullet is a .54 cal shot Burnside
  11. 2 Much Trash

    Help in IDing two finds from Culpeper Co. 2019

    What did you come up with? 👍
  12. 2 Much Trash

    T 2+ and pinpointer chatter

    I have the a few different pinpointers and the Tek pointer is by far the best of the bunch. They all cause chatter with my t2 with the Tek pointer being the biggest culprit. I bought a set of headphones with a mode switch. When I go to pinpoint a target I just switch the mode switch to the 2nd...
  13. 2 Much Trash

    Hillsborough Military Academy Button

    Nice button and great job on cleaning it. Turned out real purdy 👍
  14. 2 Much Trash

    New spot in Gettysburg

    You must have found a tractor trailer load of lead over years Yank. 👍
  15. 2 Much Trash

    Carved on US buckle

    Great finds. Bet that got your blood flowing👍