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Recent content by 2 Much Trash

  1. 2

    Protestors in Virginia,,,

    Here in Richmond they are destroying all Confederate monuments, set the Daughters of the Confederacy building on fire, and even destroyed the statue of Christopher Columbus. Next will be anything that represents the history and founding of this country, and I mean anything. Unless of course...
  2. 2

    One General service button

  3. 2

    Ultimate coil on T2?

    Thanks for the tip on ground balancing Iowa. I’m gonna try that next time out. Stay safe pal. :thumbup:
  4. 2

    3-7 &14 20 did get to dig in the dirt some

    Love it. Nothing like fresh lead right from the ground. What’s all that below the D buckle. Clad or flat buttons? Hard to tell on this high dollar iPad
  5. 2

    Ultimate coil on T2?

    I’ve had the 13” ultimate coil for 5 or 6 years now for my T2. The ultimate is definitely a little deeper than the stock 7x11 coil in my test garden. But in the field I can’t tell much difference. I like the coil for the fact that it may be deeper in the perfect situation. But I hunt a lot of...
  6. 2

    Went relic hunting today

    Yes it is Jeff. Kinda takes you’re mind off what ails ya (y)
  7. 2

    Went relic hunting today

    And didn’t find squat! :cry:
  8. 2

    Why do I rarely see used G2+'s

    Can you imagine a G2+ with boost mode. Would be a killer for sure. I’d be swinging that detector instead of the T2.
  9. 2

    Today’s hunt with the T2

    here ya go. It was posted before the forum format was changed thanks for looking
  10. 2

    Found my first Confederate button today!

    That’s what I’d call let’s have a cold beer button. Great find my man.:clapping:
  11. 2


    i have the tek pointer and also hunt with the t2. Needed a new set of headphones so I bought a pair of killer B optima headphones with the mode switch. That took care of the problem completely. When I go to use the pinpointer I just flip the switch and I’m good to go. Flip it back when done
  12. 2

    15" coil for the T2

    if you’re speaking of the teknetics 15” coil It’s pretty heavy. My buddy has one and says after a short time of swinging it it’s like swinging a manhole cover But it’s a deep none the less.
  13. 2

    Any ideas on these items?

    I agree with Pittman on the iron piece. He’s got a good eye. Nice finds.
  14. 2

    Confederate camp finds