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Recent content by coinspader

  1. coinspader

    Are people unloading the XP Deus?

    I'm selling my Deus Lite setup but I'm not buying Deus 2 until I see some video on it, I will just muddle along with my Nox and some older detectors detectors I have in my stable. : )
  2. coinspader

    The Equinox sucks

    For chasing silver I stick with my Explorer.
  3. coinspader

    Deep nickel VDI numbers

    I have found that my nox 800 has a pretty solid ID at depth, I don't usually dig nickels either but the high conductors read true for me in my dirt. The park I hunt in is insanely trashy, 150 years of junk masking the old coins.
  4. coinspader

    Nice find with an Omega 8500

    I took my recently acquired Teknetics Omega 8500 out today to try it out for the first time and I got me a bucket lister. I was using the 5x10 DD coil in heavy trash, I dug 4 holes and found 3 coins, this was one of them. I didn't know what it was until I got home and gave it a clean. It is...
  5. coinspader

    v3i lost password

    I did a Master reset on mine, it didn't change the registration.
  6. coinspader

    v3i lost password

    I called Centerville and they told me I couldn't get my code anymore since Whites closed. I would like to find out if there is a way to get it though because I don't want to change my name. : )
  7. coinspader

    GTI 2500 with treasure talk

    I bought it, I have had it out a couple times already and I really like it. : ) It is a fun detector to use and I have found a couple deep wheat pennies with it so far.
  8. coinspader

    Is anyone still swinging a Safari?

    Safari is a very good detector, I agree.
  9. coinspader

    GTI 2500 with treasure talk

    I need some insight on the above mentioned detector, I have a chance to get one in awesome condition. I don't have any experience with the gti 2500 so I would like to know if anybody could give me some info on how they do in trashy sites and in sites that are loaded with iron. Any input would be...
  10. coinspader

    Nice find with the Explorer XS

    I forgot to mention I was using the 6"x 8" SEF coil when I found this target.
  11. coinspader

    Nice find with the Explorer XS

    I don't post here very often but I thought I would with this find I made yesterday with my Explorer XS. A great condition Walking Liberty half that was about 11 inches down in a spot that me and my friend have hit many times with lots of other detectors including other FBS units. It read high...
  12. coinspader

    VX3 screen replacement

    Screen cover replaced, very easy to do, just took an exacto knife and lifted one edge till I could get my finger nail under it and just peeled it right off. The replacement screen had a sticky backing and just carefully laid in place. Looks like new.:)
  13. coinspader

    VX3 screen replacement

    It appears to be just the cover, I ordered a new one, only cost 9 bucks : ) Whites was a great company!
  14. coinspader

    VX3 screen replacement

    Anybody here replace a scratched screen on a VX3 or V3i , I bought a new one for my VX3 and was curious if anybody had any tips on performing this operation
  15. coinspader

    I am stumped on this one

    They were all in the same general area, this park is definitely old enough to harbor such finds, thanks : ) I think you could be right.