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Recent content by coinspader

  1. coinspader

    Equinox 2 on the horizon?

    A new lighter faster FBS platform would be just the ticket, my E2 gets heavier with each year that passes, old age is creeping up on me I guess. : (
  2. coinspader

    Relic mode depth

    I was going to sell my D2 because I have a D1 and I didn't think I needed both of them, well I took it out tonight for what I thought would be my last run out with it and decided to put it in relic mode just for kicks. I got my eyes opened big time, the D2 is crazy deep in relic mode, I pulled...
  3. coinspader

    Button identity

    yeah the letters on the bottom as far as I can tell are A I R
  4. coinspader

    Button identity

    interesting, the button does look like it is presenting that style of workmanship.
  5. coinspader

    Button identity

    That is very possible
  6. coinspader

    Button identity

    The park it came out of was established in 1935 but there were home sites and farms there long before the park was established. It has been said that the Union army camped there a few times during the civil war, I have found a uniform cuff button and coat button in this park as well as a 3 ring...
  7. coinspader

    Button identity

    Here is a pic of the back of the button
  8. coinspader

    13" Detech Ultimate on my E2

    I finally decided to try an Ultimate coil on my Explorer 2, I was always a little hesitant to do so because of the high trash and iron content in the park where I hunt most of the time but I strapped one on my E2 today and low and behold I nabbed a nice little Barber dime about 8 inches deep in...
  9. coinspader

    Button identity

    I found this small button with the Dues 2 a couple days ago and was wondering if anybody here knows what it is from, it looks pretty old, it is a one piece button, looks like maybe it was a cuff button judging by it's size.
  10. coinspader

    Legend video posted on my channel

    I got out a couple days ago with the Legend in my hunted out park and I got it on video. It did very well and I got some old coins including some silver. Special thanks to Woodbutcher for lending me his Legend to try out, I enjoyed using it and may get myself one in the future. Enjoy the video...
  11. coinspader

    1235X to 1236-X2 depth comparison

    I currently own a 1235X and I am wondering if I will get the same depth as a 1236-X2 ? this has probably been brought up before several times I'm sure. : )
  12. coinspader

    Some History on Fisher Detectors: Dave Johnson Essays+ The Relationship Between Fisher, BH and Teknetics :fisher:

    I would like to express my appreciation for the F75, the F19, and the F70, all of them are a pleasure to use. THANKS!
  13. coinspader

    What detector does this coil go to?

    I got it listed on Tnet for 75.00, it is a 6 inch DD
  14. coinspader

    What detector does this coil go to?

    no I don't : (
  15. coinspader

    What detector does this coil go to?

    yeah it is for a sovereign I found out.