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Recent content by Colour

  1. C

    Ferrous vs Conductive

    I used Cond all the time, it's only now I'm starting to use Ferr.
  2. C

    What were your experiences finding gold jewellery with the Explorer?

    Yes I have done that a while ago (since then I've sold all my gold). I tested all my rings, in digital and display (used display mode when using the learn function). Then I researched where other people's gold finds were on the Explorer. I used a spreadsheet to look at the data and it surprised...
  3. C

    Shovel for metal detecting.

    If digging's hard, what about a miner's pick?
  4. C

    What were your experiences finding gold jewellery with the Explorer?

    I will try to focus more on gold jewellery, have had a few hunts where that's all I'm chasing. Seems like everything falls in the gold range, even if you're working in Ferrous. What are some of your experiences?
  5. C

    Discrimination question

    If looking for silver, yes. In fact, you can leave everything factory except maybe the threshold and that's all you'll ever need for everything other than gold.
  6. C

    sharping digging tools

    I might try it though my garret digger is really thick and blunt!
  7. C

    1st gold of the year

    They are hard to find in parks, well done!
  8. C

    Seahunter v CTX

    Had the Seahunter 2, really bad detector. Loud, can't handle the surf, not a deep machine even when quiet and really not sensitive. One of the worst detectors I ever had. Whatever the CTX is, get that.
  9. C

    Tesoro Treasure Mate or Garret pointer?

    To the OP, have you heard of planned obsolescence? There's your answer.
  10. C

    Analog vs Screen Machines

    I hope they continue to make analog detectors. Tesoro shot themselves in the foot by making poor choices but I hope there's other companies out there.
  11. C

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    For the most part, all detectors go the same depth, the difference is processing (relative to the technology) and coils. Loss of depth is typically what gets taken away due to processing. Some allow for better sifting through rubbish due to three factors; 1:processing, 2: speed/target...
  12. C

    Help me choose a pinpointer.

    I've been using the TRX for years, love the depth and the ability to home in on targets.
  13. C

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

    Have you already made new purchases? My advice to anyone is keep the one you have if you're happy with it and don't spend too much money on others.
  14. C

    Let’s look at this new product from NEL

    As long as it has good integrity, looks a little thin.
  15. C

    Ring ID's in gold range but not marked

    If they're from Germany they will have odd carat grades like 8ct. A lot of items and junk come up in the gold range!